Web-to-print marketplace to bring buyers, designers and printers on common platform

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Posted by : Roma Maheshwari Date : October 2, 2015

The Marketplace model is not new in business after some of the big names hitting on huge revenues from this model. EBay, Alibaba, Amazon, AirBnb etc. are some of the names associated with the marketplace model of offering products and services. When talking about replicating this successful marketplace model for printing businesses can actually turn…

Self Service is the future of print industry

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : September 14, 2015

Printing business is none of the exception than the other businesses and thus, it also have all form of fixed, variable and overhead expenses. Have you ever thought of cutting down these expenses which seems necessary but can be taken care by your Web2Print solution? One way of cutting down these expenses and making printing…

Is web to print for only commercial printers and print service providers? How in-plants can adopt this technology for benefit of organization?

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : August 5, 2015

Print Industry is a complex mix of various mom and pop stores, corporate printing giants, small & medium print service providers, in-plant printers and printing businesses with various other models of business. Being a part of industry, it’s interesting for me to explore and find out differences for these different business models. The one thing…

How the Franchise businesses/ Enterprises/ Corporates taking advantage of Web-to-Print to smoothen their marketing, branding and promotional activities

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : July 20, 2015

The marketing and media ecosystem is changing. The new marketing landscape is a mix of Print, Digital, Social and various other forms of media. Though new options of media are springing up to attract new consumers, traditional options are experiencing an evolution in their form. One such form of Media is Print Media… “Print Media…

Electra 2015

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : July 19, 2015

“The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating.”- Jarod Kintz For Rightway Solution this was 12th time in a row worth celebrating. On 22nd August, 2015 we celebrated our annual day “Electra 2015” with lots of zeal and…

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