Dine & Dance at Design’N'Buy – Welcoming 2015 with Rhythm

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : January 16, 2015

View Photo Gallery Finally we bid 2014 a farewell and bring in the Year 2015 with Dine and Dance. The new year party organized and hosted by the Eureka team at Design’N’Buy happened to be a fun event with the loud music where the entire staff danced on the beats of some foot taping numbers…

We are the reason behind Indian web to print eCommerce success

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : January 10, 2015

We are sure you have heard of almamaterstore.in, India’s best online eCommerce portal that offers product personalization. It is one of our best works we have done for printing companies in India. Story does not end here, but starts. There are several other web to print implementations done by our team for India Inc. Here…

Winning Philosophy for Customer Support: Customer First

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : December 12, 2014

Design’N’Buy has always been standing out of competition and favored by industry because of its impeccable support. What helped us in achieving these is our “Customer First” approach. We believe that buying a software solution is just the starting point, what helps our customers to meet their business objectives is when they fully understand and…

Turn your one-time-only customer to lifetime fans, tips from experts

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : December 5, 2014

It is not an easy task to create an impression on your customers to be loyal to you and visit your store for any next purchase. Since holiday season has already arrived, it brings opportunity for web store owners to turn their first time customers into a life time business. There has always been a…

Scaring up sales, Customizing Halloween Costumes expected to Boom this Fall!

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Posted by : Nidhi Agarwal Date : October 17, 2014

It’s costume season! Halloween is approaching and everyone must be wondering of being dressed in best of their costumes. A lot of stores have come up with the same stuff allover and walking through these spooky stores has disappointed the customers by looking at stuff which lacks individuality. With years passing by the same products…

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