3D Product Designer adds new dimension to product personalization of t-shirts, signs, cards, and more directly from your existing web store.

The world’s not flat and neither are most of the products people buy. So why stop at flat print personalization when you can expand to let customers personalize a whole new line of printable products with size, shape and depth?

3D Product Designer brings all of the ease and flexibility of our 2D Product Designer software but enables customers on your web store to virtually hold and manipulate products and see the results in real-time as they personalize them with their favorite patterns, pictures or text. Now your customers can design their own iPhone cases, bottles and sportswear— or any other printable extruded products — then order and send to you for production through a simple, seamless web interface that snaps right into your existing web storefront. 3D Product Designer lets them see exactly what their product will look like before they order as they add their own graphics, text, colors and textures.

The most comprehensive, easiest-to-use 3D product web-to-print solution available

We’ve been leading the web-to-print market for years. As we develop ever more powerful web-to-print software to support a growing print-on-demand market, 3D Product Designer now brings the power of personalization to the three-dimensional products that make up our world.

The best part is products can be sent direct-to-print so you can queue up jobs and get them out the door fast, right, and affordably. 3D Product Designer even packages all of the product production assets for you as print-friendly files ready for you to produce and deliver right, on-time and affordably — too easy!

3D Product Designer is a full-featured product personalization design interface that snaps into your existing Magento, OpenCart, or other open-source or proprietary web commerce platform. If you’re new to e-commerce, we even offer a turnkey, responsive e-commerce package with 3D Product Designer already integrated and ready to roll out.

We work the way your business works best!


Plugs right into Magento, OpenCart and other open-source web stores, ready-to-rock

We’ve built 3D Product Designer to be a snap to set up. It plugs right in to your open-source e-commerce system and offers product catalog administration controls right through the admin panel. It makes the product personalization as a native part of your own store thus giving seamless experience to customers as well store administrator


Robust design tools make personalizing 3D products a snap for anyone

Right within your existing web store, all your customers will have to do is click a simple “Personalize” button that brings the product up in the 3D Product Designer’s interface where they can put their personal touch on base products with textures, graphics, colors and text. Then they simply add the personalized product to their shopping cart and check-out seamlessly without extra steps.


We help you build your own 3D product library that your customers can personalize and buy

3D Product Designer allows you to add dimensional products and define how they can be personalized by color, shape and size, and safely printable areas. Anything product you can print, we can model and add to your store!


Show and sell

3D Product Designer’s Design Editor feature allows customers to lay out a wrapped design in 2-D while simultaneously showing how it lines up in 3D to avoid cutoff on designs that wrap so the product comes out seamlessly.


Customers can choose from your ready-made designs or upload designs of their own

Do your customers need a starting point? 3D Product Designer lets you build out a catalog of ready-made designs that can be personalized and ready to print. You can create and save designs for your catalog right within 3D Product. You can also manage a library of new, exciting textures you wish to offer customers right within the software admin


Create cases and product skins

3D Product Designer’s texture features let customers cover the live design area of a product in a texture or image wrap — perfect for Smartphone cases and similar product skins. Customers can even upload images to use as textures from their desktop and change the layer order of elements in the design using the layers palette. Customers can also upload and place their own images and custom text on your products easily using 3D Product Designer — even pics from Facebook!


Customize as per your business needs

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to grow your personalized products business, 3D Product Designer is designed to fit your business size, style and growth ambitions.

3D Product Designer can be licensed and installed on your server. The software’s interface can even be customized to mesh with your existing site’s look and feel to offer a seamless experience to your customers. Just license, install and sell! Options are available to suit your specific needs — contact us to learn more.

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