Simplify your print ordering processes, increase productivity and expand into new markets with the help of easy to use and comprehensive back-end administration.

General Features

manage site

Manage Multiple Stores

Manage multiple stores from one administration panel, including the ability to manage localized/international versions of your sites.


Order Management

View orders, download print ready files, create invoice/receipt and shipment records for sales orders and issue credit memos (refunds) for customers.

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Catalog Management

Manage fully dynamic catalog via intuitive administrative interface. Offer direct to buy as well as customizable products.


PDF Templates

Modify or create your own PDF templates for order, invoice, shipment, and credit memo.


Search Engine Optimization

100% SEO friendly, attract new customers with Magento’s Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structure and SEO tools.


Analytics and Reporting

Reporting suite provides visibility into the store performance to enable actionable changes to react to your customers needs.


International Support

Translated into over 60 languages and supporting multiple currencies, taxes and payment methods, Magento allows for full internationalization of your online channel.


Marketing Promotions and Tools

Magento’s flexible pricing rules enable the efficient creation of a variety of promotions to increase conversion rates.


Mobile Commerce

Enable M-Commerce with mobile-optimized versions of your site to attract and convert customers on the go.


Manage Printable Colors

If you print in specific ink colors, manage your color options for artwork creation and personalization.


Manage Clipart

Manage your own library of stock images and clipart along with pre-loaded clipart.


Manage Fonts

Manage your own library of fonts along with pre-loaded fonts.


Global Settings

Configure PDF output type (RGB or RGB+CMYK), enable/disable watermark for preview files, available languages for design studio, design studio CSS, API keys for social media integration, side name labels and email ids for message boards.


Admin Image Gallery

Managing image gallery for admin for all images uploaded during template design via template builder so that he can re-use images for designing design ideas for merchandize products and as well as templates for printing products.


Manage Corporate Accounts

Manage corporate accounts, setup corporate admin profile, configure store information and color scheme, set payment method (credit or debit point system), assign products from product catalog, check payment history, check order history, manage image gallery, manage job requests, as super admin he can also review job request, verify and edit design and approve or decline it as needed.


Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction with the self-service and backend tools included in Magento. Admin can access and manipulate customer’s saved designs and uploaded images. Admin can access any customer account and access all his saved designs and images for further use.

Corporate Admin Features


Account Management

Manage the corporate store name, upload the logo, banners and basic description about the store. Set store theme with available color options that matches corporate brand identity. Corporate admin can see current payment history (credit/debit balances) and choose to create new payment.


Manage Job Requests

Manage all orders that are pending for approval and requested from all corporate users. It would allow the corporate admin to preview as well edit artwork if required, approve or reject the order requests and process it as per payment settings to place final order.


Manage Corporate Users

Manage/create/edit registered corporate users. The corporate admin will be able to set the corporate user accounts as enabled/disabled.


Manage Corporate Images

Manage image gallery for common images used in corporate products like logo, maps, banners etc.


Manage Products

View available product catalog. Corporate admin can only view assigned products but cannot add or delete any product.


Manage Templates

The corporate admin is allowed to create templates from scratch and assign them to products from available product catalog.


Order History

Corporate admin will be able to see and review the orders placed by all corporate users.



View extensive reports and make informed decisions to control total spend on printing within organization.



Show a brief summary of orders history, order status, order tracking and quick links to create templates, create users etc.



Allows corporate admin to manage and configure all CMS pages for his corporate store.


Manage Fonts and Clipart

Corporate admin can manage his specific fonts and clipart.

Product Design Studio Features


Manage Design Templates

Create and manage categorized collection of unique design templates and let your customers personalize them further for quick results.


Configure Design Area

Configure unique design area for each side of the product separately based on product images and surface area available for personalization.


Templates with masking and photo boxes

Create templates by applying image mask to cover non-printable areas and irregular shapes, define photo boxes in several shapes like circle, oval, star, square, rectangle, heart, cloud where users can directly click and upload photos and images.


Manage Printing Methods and control pricing

Configure multiple printing methods and define pricing based on no of colors, design area or order quantity. Also add artwork setup fee and image upload fee if required. Assign multiple printing methods to any product to allow customers to choose from available options.


Global Settings

Configure output format (SVG, PDF or Both), acceptable image resolution in design studio, and unit of artwork measurement (mm, cm, inches, pixels).


Product Settings

Configure if product is customizable, number of customizable sides, unit of measurement for printing, if multi-color product options are available and if quick editor is allowed for product. Product level settings over-ride any matching global settings.

tshirt design

Pre-decorated Products

Create products with default design template that can personalized.

3d Preview

3D Preview Configuration

Enable 3D preview, upload 3D model and map image, setup 3D configuration surface area.

Canvas Design Studio Features


Global Settings

Configure output format (SVG, PDF or Both), acceptable image resolution in design studio, unit of measurement (mm, cm, inches, pixels), background color options, artwork decoration color options and margins (safe, cut and bleed) and VDP output mechanism (automatic/manual).

t-shirt Design
Global Design Templates

Create unique design templates using visual template builder or import SVG design templates. Assign designs to multiple products in one go. Let your customers personalize them further for quick results.

customized tshirt

Product Settings

Define unit of measurement, height and width, margins (safe and bleed), no. of pages, enable book display format, corner radius, background color options, artwork decoration color options, enable background image options, enable page borders, enable variable data printing, if product allows start from scratch feature etc. Product level settings over-ride any matching global settings.


Configure Product Personalization

Setup each product with unique personalization options as Quick Edit Only, Quick Edit along with Full Design Studio Customization, Full Design Customization with Unique Design Template, Customize with Multiple Design Template Options. Variable data printing will not be available with quick edit only option as the feature is accessible inside full design studio only.


Control Color Process for each Product

Manage central ink color repository. Assign product specific available color options to offer full color (4 color process) or limited color design options for artwork decoration.


Background Support

Define background color options with/without pricing, manage background image gallery, upload each background image in multiple sizes and assign to multiple products in one go.


Control Object Editing

Fully control object editing options in template builder to lock/unlock object transformation (move, resize) and editing (change colors etc.).

3d Preview

3D Preview Configuration

Enable 3D preview, upload 3D model and map image, setup 3D configuration surface area.


Manage Advanced Custom Option Templates

Create custom option templates with group of custom options and assign to multiple products in one go.

Customizations Available on Request


3rd Party API Integration

Integration with QuickBooks, SugarCRM, Zoho APIs or any third party services.


Bulk Import and Export

Though Magento provider default product catalog import and export, we can customize it further to allow bulk data import for customizable products in one go.


Complex Print Workflows

Customizing Magento to cover your business logic and process workflow.


White Labeled Design Studio

Get your design studio designed to match your brand and website.

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