All-In-One Designer – HTML5 upgraded to Version 2.3.1

Though printing industry is now digital and many of its workflow, processes and logics have been simplified there are some basics which remain unchanged. Printing industry has its own basics of pricing parameters and logics which make printing pricing complex and difficult to interpret at users’ end.

With our new and improved version of All-in-One Designer HTML5 V2.3.1 we have tried to simplify printing logics and pricing calculations for Printers’ as well as their customers’.

In the new version of product, we have introduced two features of “Fixed Quantity Pricing” and “Dependent Custom Options up to n-Level” to cover pricing for all sort of printing products.

When it’s about printing products, there are some products which we can only be printed in fixed quantities or a lot, printing a single quantity is either not possible or not cost effective for printers. Such products can be business cards, brochures, leaflets, or many such items.

For all such products we have given Fixed Quantity Pricing Option where they can set up fixed viable quantities of products that one needs to order e.g. 100, 250, 500 and so on. For Printers it allows to preset fixed quantities and related prices for products. End Users can easily get an idea about minimum number they need to order for a single product. This feature thus helps in simplifying pricing logic for products that needs to be print in bulk or lots.

The second feature of Dependent Custom Options up to n-Level is again important when seen in terms of pricing parameters and how pricing is determined in printing. There’s cost of every extra feature you add to your product be it matt or glossy paper, hard bound or spiral, be it size of paper.

For such products, we have provided ‘n’ number of custom dependent options, which help in deciding at users’ end which kind of finished product they want at the end of printing. Printers can set up definite sizes of paper; based on that there can be definite types of paper, cut, types of bindings available. All these options and their pricing can be dependent on other and can be easily set up from admin panel.

Printing price flow is eased by these features and will surely help our customers in presenting more concrete price quotes to customers with proper cost break-ups.

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