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We understand that every printing business is different based on its size, target customer base, product portfolio, geographical location and network of people it works with. Likewise their business requirements must be different when setting up their store online. Hence rather than building an all inclusive and tightly coupled web-to-print solution, we have now adopted a modular approach with ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER V3, so that it becomes easy to adopt for print service providers of all types. That start-up and SMEs can start with our basic version that serves well for B2C customers, as well as add additional module as per their requirements to scale up their web-to-print storefront. More established and commercial/trade printers can choose to start with our full scale version with following modules included:

1. Corporate B2B Module

Keeping in mind the various corporate structures and their product customization requirements, All-In-One Designer V3.2 now comes with a Corporate B2B Module where you can setup exclusive private branded storefront for each of your corporate customer (over a centralized application) to offer distinct products, editable designs and additional services. The module allow to setup role based access hierarchy for designated corporate users on each store.

2. Print Reseller or Franchisee Module

The Print Reseller Module is a quick and easy way to offer an exclusive online web-to-print store to each of your reseller (over a centralized application) to bring more orders for you. Integrate this module with your existing All-In-One Designer solution and you can help your resellers or affiliates to leverage their customer base to bring orders for you through their branded online print shop. You can then process such orders and blind ship them in non-branded boxes so it appears to have come from the reseller to end customers. Pay smart commissions at the end to your resellers and earn more together.

3. Multi-Vendor Module (Outsource Print Management)

Automate your print outsourcing and order management by integrating our Vendor Management module. Register each of your drop-ship vendors on your centralized application and assign products they drop-ship. Each vendor gets a vendor panel access to log-in to back-end and manage their orders. The module automates the order assignment to vendors, and vendors get notified of a new order assignment by e-mail. Finally both vendor and you can track order status through the centralized platform.

4. Designer/ Artist Module

If you have good network or team of professional photographers, designers or graphics artists, use this module to let them publish their photos or designs on your website for sell and thus earn commissions. This module creates a win-win proposition for all, PSPs get a comprehensive collection of designs to offer to your customers without setting up an in-house graphics team, end customers get benefited with more design options to choose from and the artists get the commission on each sell of their design. Exciting!

5. Fulfillment Partners / Suppliers Integration

We offer on-demand fulfillment partner API or supplier API integration with ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER solution; so that you do not have to manage your inventory or product catalog or process orders on your own. Whether you need just basic pick & pack fulfillment features or more complex print-on-demand fulfillment by your partners – we bring it all to you with direct API integrations.

Interested? Get in touch with our sales team at to know more about this fully integrated solution to cater all your business needs and do not forget to ask for a live demo!

Nidhi, a visionary with 10+ year of experience, is profound business acumen and a management capability backed by strong technological background. She plays a strategic role in the company defining the road map for all innovations & her comprehensive problem solving skills have led to many successful online print businesses. Known for her hands-on approach, Nidhi’s leadership style and her journey so far has been commended at many renowned platforms.

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