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September 13, 2012 Nidhi Agarwal 149 Views

Simple, because it’s Magento Web-to-Print

The printing is emerging as the essential delivery vehicle for the entire spectrum of communications solutions demanded by its clients.

Today more and more printing companies are adopting e-commerce solutions to add value to their business by expertly combining print and electronic media to leverage up the impact of both.

Over the years many print service providers adopted Magento for their online printing shop as Magento is the fastest growing, most flexible and secure e-commerce platform. Printing service providers have established their online print stores to accept print-ready files online and process orders without much manual intervention.

However, with the advancement of web to print technology, now placing online print orders is just not limited to uploading the ready artwork for printing. Now customers can even prepare their designs online using interactive design tool software as well as personalize premade design templates to order final design. The output from such web to print solutions is a print-ready vector file that can directly be queued for printing.

To offer best of both e-commerce and web-to-print, Design’n’Buy Web to Print Solutions are well researched and built over Magento platform with integrated designer tool software, thus giving ease of use and freedom of creativity to end users with highly interactive designer tool, and offering Magento’s robustness and flexibility to store admin.

Many of the print store owners who have been looking for a flexible Web2Print extension or plug-in, that can be integrated with their existing Magento stores without the need to change their shop completely or wanted to establish a new web2print solution for their printing business, have adopted Design’n’Buy Web-to-Print.

If you are already using a Magento online print store and want to upgrade it a full web to print store, or if you are looking for a new web to print solution, we would be pleased to assist you in finding the right solution for you.

CEO and Co-founder at Design'n'Buy.

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