Top 10 Tips For Online Custom Box Printing Business


Market research

The market research shows that the digital packaging and printing market is predicted to grow significantly from $352.1 billion in 2020 to $433.4 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 4.2%.

It can be received as good news for various printing companies who want to shift their business online and contribute to the digital printing industry. In their quest to generate more sales, packaging design software can help the printers mark their online presence and gain potential customers.

Why go custom?

custom packaging

It is observed that 80% of customers decide to purchase items due to the product’s visual appeal. They undoubtedly appreciate the quality of items they receive from online orders. But if it is wrapped in a colorful custom box, it establishes the brand’s awareness in their eyes.

But printing businesses face many problems regarding custom design for their packaging. The cost is high, and printers usually take the approach of printing one design repeatedly. Moreover, materials sometimes go to waste because the demand for boxes might be less than the total order printed.

Product packaging design software like web-to-print can eliminate problems many businesses face in scaling and meeting the demands of their customers. It also saves time, cost, and materials by printing custom orders according to the need.

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Where to start?

An excellent way to start is to take the help of a packaging box design software DesignNBuy which can help the printing business stand out in the competitive market.

Printing custom boxes must not be taken lightly. Because from images to font and color choices, everything must be chosen carefully after considering the marketing strategy of a printing business.

The designs tell a great deal about the worth of a brand. Also, the customers may not know much about the company but will be attracted to buying innovative designs.

The first steps of e-commerce packaging

packaging ecommerce

Audiences look for unboxing videos, and if the design is appealing to them, it heavily influences their buying decisions. So, designing the inside of boxes as well as the outside is equally important.

Using box packaging design software will give the packaging a sleek and premium look. Choosing a logo, image, fonts, and colors for boxes is also vital in packaging. The paper, dimensions, and weight of the boxes must be determined and made to fit the specific products for which they are designed.

Moreover, protection packaging usually inserted in the boxes to protect fragile items must also be considered, and the packaging must be sized around it.

However simple the product is, the web-to-print packaging design software will make sure to create customized yet multiple designs and print them faster than the brand’s competition.

What goes into custom branded packaging boxes?

E-commerce businesses such as food and cosmetics thrive to promote transparency and trust in their products. The trend of good packaging boxes retains that trust by designing it well, thus putting it above in the custom printing market.

A good design may include a logo and clear instructions on the product box about its usage. Furthermore, bright colors in packaging are also proven to attract customers and increase sales. Large or small, any e-commerce printing business can use those tactics to appeal to other e-commerce businesses.

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Benefits that a printing business can enjoy by using eco-friendly packaging

Today everyone wants to establish their brand as an environment-friendly one. It is also the need for hours because our resources are dwindling. Moreover, a brand that chooses eco-friendly methods to produce products establishes that it cares, thus gaining respect and trust among the masses.

In addition, choosing eco-friendly packaging will help a printing business save costs on resources, materials, and storage. Furthermore, it will also improve its image, thus increasing its sales.

Selecting the correct printing method

The evolution of digital technology has also increased the competition in the printing industry. More and more businesses are using package design tool software to produce custom designs as it saves time and cost of using plates or screens to print designs.

Custom packaging artwork by web packaging software

The packaging box design software also allows the customers to choose their desired artwork, font, colors, and texts. Furthermore, it provides real-time quotations on their preferred material, finish, and quantity of print orders. Customers can also decorate logos with multiple foil options or choose to edit the templates offered by the packaging design tool.

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Contribution of web-to-print software in the custom box market

Custom box packaging design software like web-to-print has made choosing designs easier for printing businesses. The design market is ever-evolving, and digital packaging software gives multiple design options for boxes of various sizes.

Customers’ can also personalize packaging according to their requirements. They can upload a file of their chosen design from any device, and the printing company can print bulk orders in one go.

Moreover, the web-to-packaging software also offers a 3D preview of every design so that they can choose the design easily. In addition, if the need to reprint orders arises, the information is always present in the catalog.

Who should use web-to-print software, and what does it cost?

The demand for custom print boxes is growing, and e-commerce brands producing technological equipment for cosmetic products need to attract more potential customers.

E-commerce printing companies can take advantage of that demand by choosing a box packaging design software to target large brands globally. It will cost less than a manual printer as there is no design team or labor required. The print-ready files go directly to the printers and can produce multiple designs in one go, thus saving the need for labor.

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The demand for custom printing boxes is growing as e-commerce businesses understand the need to increase sales by appealing visually to their customers. Attractive and quality packaging enhances a product’s appeal and raises a brand’s image in people’s eyes.

E-commerce printing companies can utilize that need by integrating web-to-print software to reach established brands globally. Moreover, the packaging software will help them produce bulk or reprint orders with multiple design options in one go, thus saving on time, costs of materials, labor, and other resources.

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