Business Scenario:

The client is into beauty products industry since long and is Nail Art expert. They print high quality designs onto stick-on nails. They already had an e-commerce website in operation through which they were selling the digitally printed Nails online within UK & outside. They wanted to give a new look to their website and also wanted to optimize the website to work with different mobile devices.
Moreover, they wanted to offer custom design studio to their customers to prepare custom nail art designs and order them in Bulk online.

Solution Offered:

Design’N’Buy technical experts first consulted with client to understand their business requirements and features desired for design studio to allow their visitors create and order personalized nail art designs. Then we first re-designed their website based on their target audience & business segment and got the new website design approved from client.

After getting approval on website design, we developed the UI for the design studio which reflects the website and give consistent behavior and look and feel to users. Features covered in the design studio are adding text, art, images to the design of nail. The design studio also contains feature to apply different image effects such as Rosie, Sephia, Juliette, Oddie, Patty etc. We also developed the feature to share the designs with social media platforms like Facebook. Store owner can also make their own design templates and upload them to the website from admin to offer readymade designs to the customers.

In the last stage of the developing, we started optimizing the website layout/design to work in 12 different mobile screen sizes and resolutions which also includes iPhone and different versions of iPad.

Client is very happy with their new website and the designer studio and also got overwhelming response from their customers.

This business solution will definitely enhance their customer engagement and hence will yield into further business growth.