Business Scenario:

Our client is a USA based company specializing in decorated apparel. They wanted to upgrade their existing web-to-print application with more customizations as per their business & printing requirements. The company sells custom printed T-shirts of different types & other apparels with different printing such as screen printing, digital printing & embroidery.

They already had the e-commerce store with online design studio application for personalization. But they wanted to go for a more customizable design studio solution. They wanted to customize the pricing formula for printing the t-shirts based on different printing techniques and product offering. Moreover, they also wanted an advanced image editor in design studio as per the printing preferences so that users can upload images and apply different photo effects like single color, multi-color image, black & white photo, making the color transparent etc. On top of this, client also wanted to customize the shopping cart page to display the product information in some specific way.

Solution Offered:

Design’N’Buy offered their turnkey product “All-in-one Product Designer” and suggested to do all customizations on top of it.

  • We customized the pricing logic based on factors such as no of colors, set-up fees, light colors and dark colors, quantity range etc.
  • Moreover, we customized the image upload options within design studio as per the screen printing requirement of client. We have provided the printing options like making the uploaded image (I) single color (II) multi color (III) black and white etc. In this feature, we have also provided the options like making the image background color transparent & at the same time customer can remove the transparency option if he/she would like to remove transparent background. Moreover, when customer uploads any image/vector art, they can visualize the actual size of image to be printed within the designer studio itself.
  • We also customized the checkout page as per client’s requirements. Swagge wanted to show checkout page more clear to customers so they can view the details of customized product they buy clearly.

Client is still continuing with more customizations with Design”N’Buy to extend the solution to multiple stores. Swagge is happy with the solution provided and they are benefitting from the new solution given by Design’N’Buy.