About Designsta

  • Client Louise Clark
  • In Business 2015
  • Using Web to print since April 2015

Designsta is the one & only online graphic design platform and membership group for female entrepreneurs. It offers super duper, easy-to-use online graphic design platform for female entrepreneurs who want their business to stand out from the crowd. Designsta can be used by people of all skill levels – whether you have never attempted to design anything in your entire life or you’re a regular design dabbler it doesn’t matter. You can design your graphics online and download it for promoting your business digitally almost anywhere.

Business Scenario

Louise is an excellent designer by profession and had an equally excellent business idea. She wanted to create a kind of platform for women entrepreneurs where they can design digital assets for their business with ease without paying hefty for using artwork/images by other graphics artists. Louise wanted to offer this service on monthly subscription basis rather than charging per order, so that people can maximize the ROI and can create as many graphics as needed for their business. Also, being a non-IT person, she was looking for a hosted solution to avoid dealing with servers and its setup as well as huge up-front licensing cost.

Solution Offered

Louise contacted Design’N’Buy with this excellent business idea and our business analyst had rounds of discussions collecting her business requirements and converting them into feature specifications. We finally tailored our flagship product ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER to fit her requirements. Also, to meet her budget expectation, we offered the tailored application on monthly subscription basis hosted on our cloud server. So, now Louise just focus on keeping her website up-to-date every month with a brand new bundle full of tutorial videos, new templates, design elements and a workbook.

Solution Highlights

  • Implemented a unique website with lots of beautiful content by Louise
  • Private storefront, only accessible to registered paid customers
  • Customer registration for trial account and paid monthly membership program
  • Customers can use a template or create own graphics from scratch
  • Online tool pre-loaded with dozens of templates, blank canvases and hundreds of graphic elements
  • When your image is created, save then download it to your website.

Change in Business Dynamics

  • 100%Increase in sales
  • 100%Growth in customer acquisition

How Design’N’Buy helped Designsta to grow their business?

From the client’s diary

  • Group

    Customer base

    Female entrepreneurs who create graphics to promote their business.

  • Bullhorn

    Marketing strategy

    Facebook Advertising, Social Media, Email Marketing, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Groups.

  • Medal

    Competitive advantage

    Designsta is the only online graphic design platform and membership group for female entrepreneurs.

  • Chart

    Potential for growth

    Huge potential – I’m working on it!

I love working with DesignnBuy team, they are so helpful and I couldn’t have built my business without them. Very grateful for their ongoing support.

client appreciation


From day one of working with the Design’n’Buy team they have been extremely helpful and professional. Mihir worked with me at the start to ensure all my needs were met and he did a great job answering all my questions and concerns. He has been a constant support through the whole process of getting my website set up through to completion. I have worked with Shrikant on my training and follow up support; he has been so helpful and extremely patient. I had a lot of questions and it took me a while to get my head around the system but Shrikant guided me through via Skype and made the learning a lot easier and more enjoyable. I would highly recommend working with this team. They definitely go the extra mile for customer satisfaction – Louise Clark, Designsta