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Custom Box Printing and Packaging In The US: An Overview, Benefits For Printers and Top Players

How do you feel when you receive a custom box from Licious with their customer caricature and testimonial on it? Happy, isn’t it? You are going to consume a fresh

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Custom Box and Packaging Demand and Opportunities In 2020

With 2020 fast approaching, now is a good time to talk about an industry that has been predicted to generate global revenue of $50 billion by 2022. Yes, we are

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Label and Sticker Printer’s Guide to Bring Their Business Online

Imagine products without labels and stickers of the company? Would you trust it? No, right? Even though small, they are essential and hence are the label and sticker printing business,

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Six Perks of Offering Custom Packaging At Your Printing E-Store

Don’t be surprised when I tell you that eCommerce is the reason behind 10% of retail sales in the world, and that statistic is likely to grow by 15% by

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Three Major Trendsetters In The eCommerce Packaging Industry In 2019

2019 is fast approaching which means now is an excellent time to talk about the state of the eCommerce packaging industry. According to a 2017 eMarketer report, eCommerce is responsible for

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Personalized Unboxing Experience is a new opportunity for Printing and Packaging companies

In an eCommerce business, there are many ways to spread your brand awareness. But the tactic that was untouched for a long long time was the ‘Unboxing’ experience. Packing the

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Personalization is the new way in Label Printing and Packaging Industry

The evolution and advancement of printing technologies is the major factor driving the growth of label printing and packaging market. Moreover, the adoption of digital printing technology with the existing

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Web to Print can wrap Packaging Industry in a better way

The title of my article may sound a bit confusing to you but I am sure by end of the article, I will be able to convince you. No doubt,

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How to make your product stand out with CREATIVE PACKAGING!

Creative and customized packaging makes your product stand out from the rest. We are here with a few t-shirt packaging ideas to wow your customers when they receive their shipment.

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