Design’n’Buy team is visiting Print Pack 2013

Over past few years, the printing industry has grown in all parts of the globe. India is fast becoming one of the major print producer & manufacture of printed paper products for the world markets. More and more printers are now adopting newer and modern technologies to produce printed products at much lower unit price thus increasing the print capacity and profit margins.

Design’n’Buy has been delivering the web-to-print solutions across the globe to help printers take advantage of the automated print workflows and reduce the print production cost. We are definitely interested in exploring the interest of Printers in India and across Asia toward adopting such technologically advanced web-to-print solutions. With this vision a team of our business executive is visiting Print Pack 2013. Their focus is to learn the new technological developments in Printing Machinery & Printing Techniques, meeting with key stake holders from various printing agencies and print machinery manufacturers to understand their need for automated printing solutions, discussion and collaboration with prospective clients.

If you are interested in meeting our team for business consultancy, requirements discussion on your printing software needs, demo of our web-to-print solution, please contact us and book your meeting at [email protected]

Thanks for your time and we look forward to meeting you at Print Pack 2013!

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