A Changing Photo Print Market: Top Trends, Opportunity and Growth for 2020

2020 is here and the new decade promises opportunity, trends, growth, and excitement for the photo capturing technology globally. The changing lifestyle Photos can now be clicked by film cameras, smartphones, tablets, or even instant kiosks which drives the growth of the photo printing market.

The photo print industry’s largest companies are engaged in a takeover battle to each other. No matter what role your organization plays in the printing industry but now lot of websites offer photo printing solutions globally.

Sounds surprising! Here’s an infographic from DesignNBuy the mind-blowing statistics and revealing data that are going to give you a sense of where the markets/trends photo print industry are heading in 2020. Have a look!








In the internet era, people usually do research online via Google. Nowadays, it’s more common for people to have smartphones, film camera and instant kiosks. The wide availability of these new devices has created a massive demand for photo print industry.

Many online photo printers are interested in taking advantage of this growing trend. As the owner of PhotoBook store online, integrating the latest photo book maker software will make your business unique. In fact, No need of investing in costly designing tools why not visiting the DesignNBuy Website that should be your first choice.

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