Leverage Web-to-Print to Boost Profitability and Efficiency of Your Print Business

In an independent survey done by Design’N’Buy, 20% of the well doing printing business mentioned that they want to opt for Web-to-Print solution to automate their back office processes for better efficiency and cost reduction. While 51% want to adopt web2print to win new customers and 29% to serve their existing customers better.

Are you a printing business or offering personalized products in any way? In this Webinar we can show how you can leverage your Web-to-Print solution not only to win more customers and help them to place orders easily, but also to accelerate your order processing and save time and cost for you.

What you’ll know:

  • How you can automate most of the back office order completion processes
  • How Web-to-Print can help reduce significant amount of your labor cost
  • How to eliminate errors in order processing
  • How to expand your services with fully integrated drop-ship vendor management
  • How W2P can help you with self service ordering and instant quotations
  • How you can uplift Average Order Value (AOV)
  • How you can ensure repeat orders
  • How you can boost your Return On Investment (ROI)

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