Now offer fully mobile optimized web to print storefront for your mobile users with quick editor for personalization with All-in-one Designer

With increasing number of customers who are buying products and services online using mobile devices, everything which is on the web needs to be optimized for mobile. To follow the trend Design’N’Buy has upgraded its flagship product All-in-one Designer so that print service providers can now setup fully mobile optimized web to print storefront with quick editor for product personalization.

Offering a full fledge design studio for personalization on mobile devices has been a real challenge for web to print solution providers given the huge libraries consuming all mobile resources and slowing it down as well as challenge of optimizing the studio UI for mobile screen. We compared and analysed various solutions available in the market and came to the conclusion that mere implementing a mobile responsive UI for design studio will not solve the problem of offering a great personalization experience to mobile users given the performance and usability issues. Hence we decided to take a unique route, and thought of offering a convenient and most efficient way of personalizing products to mobile users with only must-have features removing all extras. So that even they can create pixel perfect artwork and order printing products online. The outcome is our light-weight quick editor that allows users to personalize a product by editing all text fields and uploading photos in a simple and efficient way.

The latest version 2.5 of All-in-One Designer now enables printers to setup all sorts products including merchandize, apparel as well as printing products with mobile optimized quick editor for product personalization. With quick editor, customers can edit the product template with convenience without needing to load resource intensive design studio, check live preview and proceed for placing order directly.

As AIOD is built over most popular open source eCommerce platform Magento CE, now PSPs adopting AIOD can setup exclusive websites for their desktop and mobile users within the same Magento instance and configure respective personalized product catalog with full design studio and quick editing feature. So, the best way to setup online web to print shop on Magento CE will be to setup main website at and create a sub domain ‘mobile’ for mobile website the will run on sub domain ex: They also set exclusive mobile theme to be used for the mobile website with respective product catalog. So now just apply a script that detects mobile users and redirect them to http:// for wonderful buying experience.

For detailed demonstration and personalized consultancy feel free to contact our sales team. They can efficiently guide on how to setup exclusive mobile store for your website and configure your product catalog with quick editing.

Nidhi Agarwal, Director of Engineering said, “Since printing is becoming online with web to print, we can’t ignore mobile users and need to provide them with differentiated product so that they can order printing products and personalized merchandize online with convenience. We understand what are needs and demands of customers (End-Users) of our customers (Printers) and focus on making our products better and better. Just before DRUPA, this is a big achievement for Design’N’Buy and we will be conducting live demos of this feature at DRUPA along with our other web to print products.”

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