PrintCommerce Web-to-Print Admin

A comprehensive web to print admin panel integrated with e-commerce admin to manage all aspects your online print business.

Web2Print admin panel integrated within your eCommerce admin

The solution offers a robust and comprehensive web2print admin panel which provides you complete control over product personalization settings, design studio layout, managing orders with print-ready output files, managing products, order message board, notifications and other important aspects of web-to-print storefront.


Manage and configure look & feel of design tool


Import or build design templates


Download print-ready files, print and ship

Web-to-Print Admin Features

Order Management

Download print-ready output files, use integrated message board for file exchange, artwork approval and centralized client communication etc.

General Web to Print Settings

Configure output color profile (RGB or RGB+CMYK) and file type (SVG, PDF, PNG), base unit for artwork measurement, acceptable image formats and resolution in DPI, allowed image upload size limit, enable/disable watermark for preview files, name labels in different languages for all customizable sides and email ids for artwork approval message board.

Design Studio Configuration

Turn on or off various editing controls for text, clipart, shape, QR code, name/number and upload image etc. Configure final action from design studio as Add-to-Cart or Download Artwork. Configure to show/hide live pricing in design studio.


Configure multiple languages for localization of design studio as per storefront language.

Labels and Messages

Translate all design studio labels and messages in each of the configured languages for localization.

Personalize Design Studio

Control design studio theme and colours to match with your website brand and identity without writing a single line of code or without any CSS modifications.

Manage Colors

If you print in specific ink colours, manage your colour options and group them specific colour pallets as per decoration/printing method. In addition with solid colours, you can also configure patterns as colour options. For artwork creation, assign different colour pallets to different products based on assigned product decoration methods.

Manage Fonts

Solution comes with extensive pre-loaded fonts categorized in different groups. In addition, manage your own library of fonts.

Control Object Editing

Fully control object editing options in template builder to lock/unlock object transformation (move, resize) and editing (change colors etc.).

Manage Clipart

Solution comes with extensive pre-loaded clipart gallery categorized in different groups. In addition, manage your own library of stock images and clipart.

Manage Design Templates

Create unique design templates using visual template builder or import SVG design templates. Categorize your templates in different categories. Assign different template categories to products to offer multiple editable artwork options to your customers. Let your customers personalize the editable design templates for fast order and checkout.

Templates with Masking and Photo Boxes

Create templates by applying image mask and/or overlay to cover non-printable areas and irregular shapes, define photo boxes in several shapes like circle, oval, star, square, rectangle, heart, cloud where users can directly click and upload photos and images.

Product Settings

Define if product is customizable, no. of customizable sides, transparent PNG images with overlay and mask if` required, if available as pre-decorated and ready to personalize, base unit for artwork size measurement, if available in multiple color combinations, enable clipart, text, upload image, shapes, QR code and name/number feature, etc. Assign design template categories and printing methods.

Manage Printing Methods and Control Pricing

For printable merchandize, setup multiple printing methods and define printing cost based on no. of colors, artwork size or order quantity. Add artwork setup and image upload fee if required. Setup extra charge for printing name/number for group orders. Assign multiple printing methods for customers to choose from available options.

Social Media Configuration

Setup API keys for social media integration for Flickr, Instagram and Dropbox.

Pre-decorated Products

Setup products with a default design template that can further personalized. 

3D Preview Configuration

Enable 3D preview, upload 3D model and map image, setup 3D configuration surface area.

Manage Design Area

For printable merchandize, create a pool of standard design areas e.g. A4, A5 etc. While creating a master design area, configure unique design area for each side of the product based on product images and surface area available for personalization. Now, for each product, assign applicable design area for personalization.

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