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Powerful online designer, easy integration

Responsive Webstore

  • Default responsive Magneto theme
  • Customizable user interface
  • Offer ready-to-order, personalized and pre-decorated products
  • Implement local language and currency
  • Inherent shopping cart, easy checkout and payment gateway integration
  • Enable shipping and tracking
  • Discounts, coupons and special offers
  • Manage customer groups as well as guest checkouts



Product Configurations

  • Browse products by category
  • Support for 4 individual sides for personalizing
  • Support for multicolored products
  • Product color options
  • Define allowed design area for personalization for each side separately
  • Switch products in design area while retaining their personalized design

Text Features

  • Add multiple text items
  • Bold, Italics, Underline
  • Change color
  • Change font type and size
  • Align, mirror and duplicate text
  • Text decoration: Curve, Arc, Bulge, Roof, Bridge, Wedge
  • Apply outline and shadow with various color options*



Clipart Features

  • Extensive clipart gallery you can categorize
  • Offer your own clipart gallery
  • Add multiple clipart to design area
  • Multiple color options
  • Search clipart
  • Resize and Rotate
  • Align, mirror and duplicate clipart
  • Apply outline and shadow with various color options

Upload Image

  • Upload multiple images from desktop
  • Import images from Facebook, Flickr and Picasa
  • Upload JPG/GIF/PNG formats
  • Resize, rotate and mirror image
  • Image gallery for uploaded images
  • Attach source vector file: AI, PSD, EPS, CDR etc.



Name/Number Module

  • Prepare artwork with various name/number styles
  • Group order for team with unique name and numbers
  • Specify different size for each single entry

My Designs

  • Save design in user account
  • Choose from already saved or previously ordered designs
  • Modify and reorder



Design Ideas

  • Extensive design templates admin can categorize
  • Choose design template and start personalizing it further

Layer Panel

  • Select multiple objects and rotate, resize, delete or move at once
  • Show or hide each object
  • Layer up/down
  • Align multiple objects at once
  • Duplicate complete selection



Designer Features

  • View product details
  • Preview design
  • Zoom design
  • Trash design
  • Share design on e-mail, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter
  • Quick help

Live Quote and Print Ready Output

  • Calculate no. of colors used on each side
  • Instant live quote based on no. of colors used in design or one-off quote
  • Add to cart & place order
  • High resolution output in PNG format
  • Vector output in PDF format (conditions apply as some of the features may not be supported)


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