We have moved our SaaS setup on The Rackspace® Hosting

We selected Rackspace because of its excellent reputation in the marketplace for reliability and quality service.

Dealing with servers is not our core competency. So, in the starting phase of offering our solutions on SaaS model, we tried working with various hosting and cloud providers but were not 100% satisfied. We were looking for a partner who is ultra responsive, easily accessible, and who can give us assistance and ability to grow when we needed to grow and scale up quickly.

In this process, we contacted Rackspace and were very impressed with their products and services. Finally we opted to partner with Rackspace for hosting our SaaS setup and have been very pleased with their services and support in initial phase.

So now all we have to do is to just deploy our products while we have a fully dedicated and responsive partner who deals with all the backups, all the scalability, all the uptime issues.

Many of our customers choose to use our solutions on monthly subscription model as that saves them from the troubles of dealing with server setups, supported libraries, up-time, security and bandwidth issues. And now we are fully equipped and backup by Rackspace® Fanatical support to offer uninterrupted and fully secure hosting to our customer who are using monthly subscription for our products or solutions.

* Rackspace and Fanatical Support are either service marks or registered service marks of Rackspace US, Inc., registered in the United States and/or other countries.

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