Why Your Sales Reps Need A Web-To-Print Storefront In 2019

As of today, consumers across the globe have the choice of working with multiple printing solution providers. That explains why the competition among the vendors is so intense!

From pricing and distribution channels to technology and customer support – there are numerous factors on which the vendors compete in the market. However, they all share a common goal, and that is to maximize profits.

There is a saying in the printing industry, “print more to earn more.” For a printing company owner like yourself, closing a sale is crucial to the growth and success of the business. If your sales are not profitable, your company cannot scale.

So, tell me: are your sales reps pounding the pavement to sell printing services? If your answer is yes, now is the right time for you to set up a web-to-print storefront.

Unless you are living under a rock, you will agree web-to-print is one of the biggest buzzwords in the printing industry. It’s an eCommerce platform that allows consumers to log in, customize, order personalized printed materials and checkout, online.

According to a survey conducted by NAPL, almost 57% of printers attributed web-to-print storefronts for their increased profitability. The solution helps sales reps of a printing company to maximize their efficiencies and workflows and to focus on creating valuable customer relations.

Adding to that thought, we have broken down five benefits of web-to-print for sales reps, who are the First Point of Contact for your customers and responsible for bringing in new business.

Here you go:

Taking online print orders is faster and efficient.

Gone are those days when the sales team would go door-to-door, taking print orders from individuals and corporations. Since consumers have access to your business website on their smartphone or desktop, they are free to place an order at any time of the day.

All your sales reps have to do is readily accept or process orders around the clock as they are not limited by geography.

The web-to-print storefront has even made it possible for them to process a higher print volume instantly because the orders get queued up for production through an automated system and are finished promptly for delivery.

Moreover, your sales reps don’t need to waste time having conversations back and forth with the customers to confirm the order painstakingly. Even if the customer wants to have a chat with the sales rep before placing one, a short phone call is enough to remove all queries.

Sharing a quotation happens instantly.

The web-to-print storefront provides an instant quotation system which allows the customers to type in details of their order such as the size of the artwork, quantity to print, material type, and other features to find out how much the printing job will cost them.

That way the sales rep don’t need to waste time sharing the quotation themselves. Instead, they can focus on calling up those customers who have checked the pricing online but didn’t place an order, and convince them to complete the process.

A web-to-print storefront enables sales reps to eliminate the ‘price talk’ with the customers and to focus on building a relationship with them on more meaningful topics like their ad-hoc printing requirements.

Artwork creation and approval is a quick process.

Since the customers only upload the artwork for print through the web-to-print storefront, it strips away layers of the traditional approval process which was longer and included the sales reps to coordinate with multiple teams.

Today, all the sales reps do is get the designs approved by the design team in the printing company and then share the design proofs with the customers for a final review.

Online print ordering means the ball is in the customer’s court. It is up to them to view the design proofs and give the final go-ahead for the printing job. Of course, the sales reps can expedite the process and ask them to give a thumbs up quickly, but that’s about it.

Alternatively, a web-to-print solution makes it easy for sales reps to create artworks as specified by customers from scratch or using pre-designed templates. All the customers have to do is preview the designs and complete the payment of the order.

Online payments from customers are made seamless.

Sales reps are on the front line and deal with the customers on a weekly if not on a daily basis. They are well versed with a customer’s history with the printing company and where he or she is stuck in the purchase cycle.

If a customer gets stuck while making payments, the sales rep can lend a hand. If a customer has not paid up, the sales rep can take multiple follow-ups make sure the dues are cleared.

If a customer, who has paid up, isn’t happy with the deliveries and wants a refund, the sales rep can handle that too. Without a web-to-print storefront, sales reps will have a hard time keeping track of their accounts and their payment status.

Create long-lasting customer relationships

By offering an online ordering service, your printing company is transforming itself into an indispensable part of your customers’ workflow.

You may not have to take care of the customers’ artworks fully. But you still have to ensure the end product is of top-quality and delivered on time. Moreover, you have to keep a tab on their future requirements.

By implementing a web-to-print storefront, you can enable your sales reps to focus on offering seamless excellent customer support. It’s necessary to show your customers that you are much more than a printing company.

Wrapping up

If increasing sales is #1 goal for your printing company in 2019, then a web-to-print storefront for your sales rep will surely help you achieve that.

Strike a deal with a reputable vendor that can implement the solution, train your teams and take care of all the nitty-gritty related to starting work on a new platform.

If you are currently trying to find one, look no further. Just leave us a comment here or write to us at [email protected] and a member of our staff will reach out to you with a solution best suited to your business requirements.

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