Evolution of Business Card Selling Business with Online Design Tool Software

Over time the business card commerce has evolved drastically. The offline business consists of two major business models such as business card printing business and the other is “print broker” business. Initially, the business was simple, print brokers would visit clients, understand their requirements, understand designing requirements and once the design is finalized; they would pass the order to the business card printing businesses.

Then came the time of online sales where people would create websites to reach an optimum number of customers and based on pre-designed products and templates would take orders. Now, the times have changed. Business cards are not just for the sake of information but also an integral part of branding. People need unique designs, shapes, colors and concepts to personalize their business cards and with the rising trend of personalized business cards, came the era of Business Card Design Software!

What is Business Card Design Software?

Business Card Design Software is an online product designer tool that helps customers design their personalized products. There are no mediators or designers required for business card designs and the tool itself acts as the “Print Broker”. Customers can access ideal business card designing software from any device and design their business cards based on their branding requirements.

Once the design is finalized, a ready-to-print output file is sent to the printers who then execute the print order and send them to the customer. To help you get all-comprehensive knowledge about this business card market evolution, below are the features of ideal online business card design software and the potential business models that one can incorporate with it:

Features of ideal Business Card Design Software:

1.       Complete customization options:

When you integrate business card design software with your e-commerce platform, you empower your customers with complete customization capabilities. Right from card material to design to shape to color to font to other personalization options such as images, icons and clip art, customer can customize all these aspects and much more. For those looking for unique text, placing can also get multiple design areas option.

2.       Mobile Responsiveness:

Customers nowadays make most of their searches from smartphones. Thus, your online business card design tool must provide seamless and delightful experiences across all kinds of devices and screen sizes.

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3.       Editable Templates:

For those who are looking for quick solutions can choose their business card designs from the vast repository of editable templates! Online business card design tool not only comes with a big repository of editable templates but also allows you to add your own designs into the software. Customers can quickly input their data, make desired customizations and place their orders with the printer in a matter of minutes.

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4.       Live Quotes:

Ideal business card design program allows you to provide real-time pricing and customization quotes to your customers. Your customers can get instant live quotes as well quote requests for pricing and you can set pricing models based on custom options such as paper type, corner style, finish and quantity and other such options.

5.       Variable Data Printing:

For those enterprises who wish to get business cards for their teams and have to place multiple orders in bulk, for such clients an ideal business cards design software allows them to place easy bulk orders with variable data printing that is all they have to do is upload an excel sheet with all the data or they can also get form-based data entry options.

Apart from this, there are many other features such as multiple languages, multiple currencies, promotions management, SEO friendly and others.

Potential Business Models that is possible to implement with Business Card Design Software:

1.       Personalized Business Cards business:

Allow your customers and enterprises to design their business cards using the best business card design software and place the order with the printers. For this business model, you can set up your printing machineries or you can just outsource it to local printers. While setting up your machines gives you an option to earn more, the later provides optimum reach and extensive offerings without any preliminary expenses.

2.       Multi-vendor marketplace:

Allow printers and print brokers to upload their products and sell them to your customers. They can upload their products and also design new products using your tool. You can charge a commission from each sale and you can also charge a subscription fee from vendors who wish to use your business card design tool to create designs.

3.       Business Card Design Software rental business:

For those enterprises, designers and print brokers who wish to get their personalized designs or sell their designs in the open market for profit, you can just rent your business card design software to such entities.

While all these business models are profitable and scalable individually, enterprises can easily merge all or two of the business models and expand their business opportunities with the help of software for business card design. Thus, with this one tool you can not only grab an opportunity to earn from the raging trend of personalized business cards, you can also make it a permanent business alternative and increase your business horizon.

Wrapping up

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