Guide to DesignO : Plug-n-Play API based Web to Print Designer Studio

DesignO is a A Fully API Based Pure Plug-n-Play Online Graphic Design Studio. It is powered with centralized print management software, that integrates with any back-end or eCommerce system. The design tool allows customers to create personalized artwork for print or for any selected product and, once the artwork is ready, offer them to download it as a digital file or order prints based on your own pre-defined pricing formula.

In this brochure book, you’ll get detailed information about, 

  1. What is DesignO
  2. Why DesignO exist
  3. Who can implement DesignO
  4. How DesignO works 
  5. What challenges DesignO can resolve 
  6. Walkthrough of DesignO’s centralized management system 
  7. Which products DesignO support
  8. DesignO tool features 
  9. DesignO admin panel features 
  10. What pricing and business models are available 
  11. Our support differentiation 

And more. 

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