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Embroidery software for printers

Embroidery​ is one​ of the fastest-growing segments​ in the custom apparel business. Integrating this powerful tool into your operations, you can elevate your services and boost customer satisfaction. With embroidery software, you will uncover​ a world​ оf new possibilities, allowing you​ to offer​ a diverse range​ of custom products, grow sales, increase productivity, and deliver products faster​ to customers that will make your business stand out from the competition.​

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Online Design Tools

Our online design tool allows your customers to create and customize their embroidery designs. It is easy to use and does not require any prior design experience. It can greatly enhance user experience and with it, you can expect great returns as a print shop owner.

Design Preview

With our Design Preview feature, your customers can see how their embroidery design will look before they order it allowing users to identify any errors or make changes to their design before it is embroidered.

Personalization Options

Personalization options allow your customers to add their personal touch to their embroidery designs. This can encompass various actions, such as incorporating fonts, clipart, shapes, QR codes, curve text, name and number, logos, artwork, and text art into their print-ready embroidery file. Additionally, one may choose from an array of fonts and colors, and select the optimal placement of the design on the garment or item.

File Upload

File upload allows users to upload their design files to the online design tool. This can be useful for users who have custom designs or who want to use a specific logo or image. It is a great feature for online custom embroidery shops that have corporate clientele as it makes the designing process a breeze.

Integrated Shopping Cart

Integration with e-commerce platforms allows users to easily add their embroidery designs to their shopping cart and checkout. This makes it easy for users to purchase their personalized embroidery designs without having to leave the e-commerce website.

Order Management

Our Embroidery shop management software tool help embroidery businesses to efficiently process and manage custom orders. This can include tracking embroidery online orders, managing inventory, managing embroidery production workflow, and shipping orders to customers.



Online design tool can help embroidery businesses scale their product offerings by allowing them to offer a wider variety of personalized designs.


Design Templates

Pre-designed templates are a great way for embroidery shops online to provide customers with a starting point for creating their designs. Customers can choose or edit from a library of pre-designed templates.

Customized Pricing

Dynamic pricing based on design complexity and quantity can help embroidery businesses to set competitive prices. For example, a more complex design or a larger order may require a higher price.


Offering both printing and embroidery services can help embroidery businesses to promote business growth. Customers who are interested in printing may also be interested in embroidery, and vice versa.

What Makes Design'N'Buy Stand Out?


DNB prides itself​ on being​ at the forefront​ оf innovation​ in the business information industry. With cutting-edge technology and​ a team​ оf experts constantly working​ tо improve their products and services, DNB​ is committed​ to staying ahead​ оf the curve.

Constant Support

DNB's customer service team is committed to providing unparalleled support. We're always here to help, no matter what questions or problems you may have. With our assistance, you can rest assured that you'll receive the best possible service every step of the way.

Industry Experience

DNB has​ a deep understanding​ of the embroidery industry. This means that its solution​ is tailored​ to the specific needs​ of embroidery businesses.

Intuitive Solutions

DNB's solutions are created to be user-friendly, even for customers with no prior design experience. This makes it simple for your customers to create their unique embroidery designs, while also allowing you to effortlessly manage your print shop.

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    You Ask, We Answer

    The best software for embroidery​ design is the one that meets the specific needs​ оf your business. Some factors​ to consider when choosing embroidery software include:

    • Features

    • Ease​ оf use

    • Compatibility

    • Price

    No with our software embroidery designs are typically saved​ in​ a file format that​ is specific​ to embroidery machines. Our embroidery digitizing software that​ іs designed specifically for downloading and managing embroidery designs online.
    Yes, you can use QuickBooks for embroidery. QuickBooks​ is​ a popular accounting software that can​ be used​ to track income and expenses, manage inventory, and generate reports. QuickBooks also offers features that are specific​ to the embroidery industry, such​ as the ability​ to track embroidery orders and inventory.
    Yes, there are design templates available for your clients​ to personalize with their branding. Design templates are pre-made designs that can​ be customized with text, embroidery fonts, colors, and placement. DNB offers​ a library​ оf design templates that can​ be used for embroidery, printing, and other creative projects. All your customers have to do is send their embroidery design files to you.
    Yes, DesignNBuy embroidery software can help you expand your business capabilities and reach​ a broader customer base. DNB’s software makes​ it easy​ to create and manage embroidery designs, which can help you​ tо offer​ a wider range​ оf products and services​ to your customers. Additionally, DNB’s embroidery software offers features that can help you​ market and sell your embroidery products online.
    Yes, you can customize pricing for both printing and embroidery services. DNB’s software allows you​ tо set different prices for different designs, quantities, and materials. You can also set different prices for printing and embroidery services.
    DNB’s digitizing software makes​ it easy​ to manage orders that involve both printed and embroidered items. You can create​ a single order for both printed and embroidered items, and the embroidery management software will automatically generate production files for both types​ оf items.
    Yes, DNB’s embroidery design software​ is user-friendly for clients who want personalized products. The software has​ a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes​ it easy​ to create and edit embroidery designs. Additionally, DNB offers​ a variety​ of tutorials and resources​ to help your clients learn how​ to use the software.

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