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All-in-one Designer is available on flexible licensing models to fit your business needs and requirements.

Select the model which suits you best and get benefit of 100% ROI.

All in One Designer HTML5

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  • Live Training
  • Help Desk System
  • User Manuals and Training Videos
  • Troubleshooters and FAQs
  • Unlimited Support




on server

  • Live Training
  • Help Desk System
  • User Manuals and Training Videos
  • Troubleshooters and FAQs
  • 30 Days Free Support


Important Notes:

  • All-in-one Designer is licensed for single domain, single website. For multi-domain and multi-website license please contact us with detailed specifications.
  • To integrate All-in-one Designer component to your existing e-commerce, please send us the details about your existing e-commerce platform. Our team of experts will investigate the feasibility of integration and suggest you the right strategy without losing any of your existing store features, products and data. Based on your approval we can then offer a fixed integration cost and timeline.

FAQs – Monthly Subscription Plan

What sort of support I get to setup my store after purchasing license?

The license fee includes the support for:

  • Application installation on your server
  • Logo setup
  • Home page banner slider setup up to 3 images
  • Setting up footer links
  • Setting up to 5 SKUs
  • Setting up to 5 static CMS pages

* All images and contents have to be provided by you for setup

How does your licensing model work, can I run design studio with multi-domain setup in Magento?

The default license for design studio is valid for single domain single store Magento CE setup. You can setup multiple storefronts with design studio support as:



In case you want to setup a multi-domain, multi-store website and need design studio integration in each, we do offer multi-store, multi-domain license for design studio. Please contact us for more details and multi-domain license fee.

Do you provide free support?

Yes, we provide 30 days free support if you go for on-server license model and unlimited support for hosted model.

Is there any difference in features in two different delivery models ?

As such there is no difference, all you get is same features but the way of delivery changes which is based on your business needs. We can also assist you in deciding which option to opt for your business model.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through bank wire transfer as well as through Paypal.

What if I need custom work or a more personalized look for my store?

We do provide additional paid services to personalize your store with respect to theme changes and feature enhancements. We would be happy to discuss your unique requests with you. We have a team of professional designers and developers to cater your customization requirements.

What is your upgrade policy?

We keep working on developing new and useful features for all our products. We generally release upgrades once in 6 months. But as printing involves diverse set off printing techniques and workflows, an upgraded feature may or may not fit your business. Hence we inform all our customers of the latest upgrade release. They can opt for upgrading their license by paying of the minimal upgrade fee.

Need more help?

Our office is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM IST (+5:30 GMT) Monday to Friday. To speak with one of our experts, please call +1-347-647-9799. You can also email us and we’ll be happy to help!

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“We are happy and very satisfied with the customer support that we are getting from Design’N’Buy. They are outstanding and extremely helpful in setting up your business model as per your needs. In terms of products, we are working with multiple stores/vendors so a bit complex but our tests have been sucessfull. Even though we are in the process of finalizing our setup, we believe that we made the right choice to move forward with Design’N’Buy.”

Yavuz Kireç, Turkey

“Design’N’Buy is a nifty little product. It has empowered our customers to create their own custom graphics. A new concept in the water sports industry. The entire team was a joy to work with. Professional, easy going, resourceful and fast. I would recommend this product and service.”

Jeff Logosz, USA


“ After seven months of working with another developer on an e-commerce website I finally had to fire them because things worked moving and they could not complete the task as contracted. It’s hard to do that when you’ve wasted thousands of dollars. So I was a bit skeptical and not in a great mood but had to higher a different developer. I might not be the easiest customer to work with but I laid out what I wanted at the time frame we agreed to after my past experience was still skeptical if they could do it. Now our website was custom we did not go with the standard template we had several very custom features we wanted. we work through the communication gap. And quite frankly they came in on schedule stuck with us and cleaned up some things we want to change in the site finished on budget and it’s almost exactly what we wanted I’m quite impressed. We been up a couple months had a couple bugs. And their team is responded to them almost immediately. I’m very pleased at how fast they responded to issues what’s the websites been live ”

Charles Platon, USA


“Initially I got my website built by a very experienced Magneto development team, but as they had very little experience with web-to-print technology, the things started falling out when we needed more robust features for personalisation. In addition to my B2C storefront, my business also offers dedicated self-service kiosk (independent store) to all my franchise and each kiosk store is integrated in the same centralised Magento application. We were also facing issues to create and run multiple franchise stores. When my original software vendor gave up, that’s when I approached Design’N’Buy and thanks to the team for taking over the application, fixing all the issues as well enhancing it with desired features. Now I am sure my online storefront is in right hands and we can extend it with best of the features as per user expectations and unique value that we bring to our customers.”

Kaushal Shukla, India


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