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We are elated to announce the imminent launch of our newest initiative, PrintGyan.

Each episode of PrintGyan Podcast will treat you to an in-depth conversation between Nidhi and her guest(s) on emerging topics in the printing industry. The stories behind the stories that you read every day will be revealed here. With tactical tips and tools to empower you and your business, you will learn how to turn your passion into profit. Understand why ground-breaking ideas often pass unnoticed when the unrelenting cycle of business crushes them.

Hello Everyone, I am Nidhi Agrawal, your host and ally. On this show, I sit down with some of the printing industry movers to discuss the ideas, opportunities, and strategies that printers are taking advantage of to flourish. Tune in to follow the suit.”

Unlock Potential of Your Print Business

In conversation With Joanne Gore: Helping PSPs to Learn and Implement Digital Marketing Strategies for the Success of their Online Print Business

When we asked more than 3000 PSPs, what is your biggest motivation to go online with your print business, 47% responded by saying, to get new customers. But most of the responded said they do not have knowledge or expertise to setup their website effectively to attract visitors.

So we’re taking a deep dive into how to effectively use digital marketing strategies (SEO, Social Media, PPC etc.) for online print businesses to win new customers by converting their website visitors into paying customers. On this mission, we are collaborating with an amazing guest: Joanne Gore, who is a digital marketing expert with 30+ years of experience in working with printing industry. Joanne will be conducting a digital marketing bootcamp series for our customers.

Bootcamp Session 1: Orientation and Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Bootcamp Session 2: Data and Analytics

Bootcamp Session 3: Advertising and Media Spend

Digital Marketing Workshop

In Conversation with Tim Cox: Making Print Globalization Real Using Web2Print

In this episode, Nidhi and Tim Cox discuss how web-to-print is revolutionizing the print industry. They discuss, how this phenomenon is transforming the print industry in more than just a digital manner and is leading to the globalization of the entire industry. A fascinating discussion of creative trendsetters in the industry yields mind-blowing insights.

In Conversation with Deborah Corn: Web-to-Any Opportunities

In this episode, Nidhi and Deborah Corn discuss the upcoming trends in the print industry that printers should keep an eye on and how important it is to invest in web-to-print before it is too late.
podcast with deborah corn and nidhi agrawal

Nidhi Agrawal Explaining Why Design Templates are Important for Your Web-to-Print Success

In this episode, Nidhi Agrawal explains the importance of design templates on a print store along with the areas where printers need these templates the most. Highlight of the podcast remains at the last where Nidhi also shares her future plan on expanding customer services in most helping and astonishing ways.

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