Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC) Service

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For those customers, who purchase our software product(s) on perpetual license and host it themselves, we provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) service to keep the software up-to-date and bug-free.

We highly recommend that our customers take a close look at the features and benefits of maintaining an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Whether your questions relate to a technical challenge, a customized application, or server setup, you will have direct access to the tools and assistance that you need.

amc contract

AMC Include

  • All version release updates, upgrades, and other modifications to the Software Product as per the backward compatibility (maximum 2 times per year)
  • Feature upgrades are offered on those which are part of your current licensed version. Any new features introduced in upgrades are delivered under AMC. You need to connect with our technical support or sales executives to get proposal on new features
  • All maintenance and support services necessary to keep the Software Product in good working order and free from defects as per SLA

Why Opt For AMC

  • AMC can ensure round-the-clock support as well as instant emergency services to the customers by expert professionals, thus safeguarding their every minute.
  • Your technology would never be outdated as you will be getting regular upgrades.
  • Quickly solve problems that arise by gaining access to technical support experts who can assist with software configuration, licensing, defects, and upgrades.
  • By keeping your maintenance current, you’re entitled to get new versions as they become available based on the backward compatibility.

AMC will Not Include


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

The amount due each year for Annual Maintenance is calculated at 20% of the software’s current list price. It’s important to note that annual maintenance costs for Staging and Test licenses remain the same as Production licenses. (While Staging licenses are initially purchased at a discount off of list price, we do find that the demand for ongoing support is equal, and often more, than for Production licenses.)

No, AMC is for maintaining the software we delivered to you, we don’t offer new feature development services under AMC. You need to contact your account manager or sales representative to get proposals on any new feature development needs.

Sadly, in that case you would have to raise a support ticket on our helpdesk system and wait until you get response from one of our technical support specialists. The fix can be offered for FREE or may need to be paid for based on our SLAs.

Submit your request to get the software upgrade on our helpdesk and one of our technical support specialists would get back to you to consult, assess your current version, find the upgrade compatibility and share proposal.

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