Are you ready to take your printing efforts online so you can connect with more people, reinforce in-person relationships, and start building a valuable online printing network?

With web-to-print you can build your network by bringing customers, print re-sellers, graphic designers, print-vendors and print service providers on single platform which gives win-win options not only to the end-users but to everyone associated with it. Find out how you can use web-to-print to centralize your online presence and sets the stage for digital networking with this webinar on how to grow your business through networking using web-to-print?

Main Takeaways

4th October 2017

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Nidhi Agarwal
Presenter – Nidhi AgarwalNidhi Agarwal is CEO and Co-founder of Design’N’Buy Web to Print Pvt LTd. Design’N’Buy has been enabling print businesses on the web since 2008 and is pioneers of web to print technology in India. She has been instrumental in success of many web to print businesses and has got extensive experience in web to print domain. She will address all your queries related to planning and implementation of your web to print business during this webinar.

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