Design’N’Buy announced the launch of our flagship solution – the All-In-One Designer V3 which is now powered by the most preferred Magento Open Source 2.2 and this, brings all the advantages the latest open source has in store for the print industry. The latest release focuses on giving better user experience for product personalization with a completely new look and feel and a fully mobile responsive design studio along with lots of significant improvements for an easy print store administration.

With the focus on making print personalization an easy and fun task for users, be it amateurs or professionals, the latest design studio user interface has a completely new look and feel and is better in lot many ways. Now with a long list of exciting new features which will improve shopping and personalization experience for end-user, All-In-One Designer is surely an ideal choice for commercial printers, in-plants, print brokers, digital and wide format printers as well as specialty printers to take their businesses online.

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Main Takeaways

28th February, Wednesday

webinar Timezone

Nidhi Agarwal
Presenter – Nidhi AgarwalNidhi Agarwal is CEO and Co-founder of Design’N’Buy Web to Print Pvt LTd. Design’N’Buy has been enabling print businesses on the web since 2008 and is pioneers of web to print technology in India. She has been instrumental in success of many web to print businesses and has got extensive experience in web to print domain. She will address all your queries related to planning and implementation of your web to print business during this webinar.

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