“From the Death of Printing to the Future of Web to Pack Solutions”- Pat Mcgrew and David Zwang talked about It all.

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There is a myth that is constantly circulating in the print industry that it has been under a constant threat of downfall and replacement since the 1990s. But, our experts and the numbers speak differently.

In our webinar conducted to understand the impact and the future of web-to-pack solutions, the discussion revolves around these myths and many other interesting topics.

Talking about the believed recession in the printing industry and the downfall of printing, our experts say that the industry is certainly not dying, but it is thriving and evolving with the changing times.

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When asked about the recession, our experts rightly said that the industry is observing a paradigm shift where each business must understand their market thoroughly and it is no longer just about having the right equipment and machinery.

There is a huge market and potential for those who understand that print is now a part of the branding and that marketers and decision makers are looking for personalized, localized and brand-centric print solutions.

Not only brands, but our experts believed that even the consumers which are from the Millennial and Gen Z era like the feel and touch of printing and are applauding brands that adopt sustainable and personalized packaging.

After establishing the bright and constructed future of printing and its evolution, the conversation moves toward the essential ecosystem and the benefits of Web-to-Pack solutions

The conversation starts with the relevance of web to print solutions and its automation capabilities of literally eliminating the need for pre-print departments.

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Talking about the relevance and benefits of web-to-print and web-to-pack solutions, our experts said that while these automation solutions have a market and a future, but it is not an overnight magic trick that just happens to printers.

To ensure the success of web-to-print and web-to-pack solutions, they must have the essential digital ecosystem and the required market understanding to pitch it to their customers and make it a success.

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Furthermore, the experts also talk about an integral question that is, “What is the current market of the web-to-pack solutions and how are printers and packaging businesses using it?”

To this, the experts said that while the web-to-pack can automate the pre-print processes of designing and quotation, there is still a need for a specialty team that can cater to the special needs of the brands.

But, the web-to-pack market currently facilitates many different print players who want to fight labor shortages and other reluctant processes.

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Also, print automation solutions have created many different players such as digital brokers that are helping different print businesses in adopting and implementing web-to-pack solutions.

All in all, the experts believed that with the increasing popularity amongst the customers and print industry players alike, web-to-pack solutions will certainly pick the pace in the near future.

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Also, it was agreed upon that the print industry is under a paradigm shift where every element of the business is becoming strategic.

Right from the industry giants to the small print start-ups, every print player is either establishing their web-to-print and web-to-pack solutions or are trying to integrate the automation solutions with the help of digital brokers.

To gain such amazing insights and to take a detailed virtual tour of Design’N’Buy web to pack solutions, watch our complete webinar recording below:

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