This Book is a Practical Road Map for Printers – Says Matthew Parker, Champion of Print from UK

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Well, it is said that seeking validation for a work of passion is not healthy but when a sales veteran of the printing industry appreciates the authenticity and quality of your book on the Web 2 Print, that sense of validation is definitely not harmful. 

Matthew Parker is an exceptional print sales professional and is renowned for his print sales training and marketing techniques. He recently shared his view on our book on Web 2 Print implementation guide and this is what he shared as his feedback.

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Mathhew Parker's review

“When Design’N’Buy launched their own book on Web2Print, I was concerned that it would be nothing more than a thinly disguised sales pitch. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their software is barely mentioned in the book. 

Instead, the reader receives unbiased, practical advice on whether web-to-print is right for them and how to plan the right system, choose the right vendor and then grow their business.

Any printing company that reads this book will learn a practical roadmap of how to implement web-to-print software and use it to grow their company. 

I particularly like the recognition that implementing web2print successfully is a challenging task. I also liked the inclusion of case studies (which gave me some new business ideas on web 2 print), the ROI calculator and the summary exercises at the end of significant chapters.

I would recommend this book to any print company that is considering web-to-print but does not yet have an in-depth knowledge of how to choose and implement a system. They will certainly gain valuable advice when reading it.”

– Matthew Parker

Champion of Print

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How can you get your hands on this book that Matthew recommends ?

This book is available on marketplaces to purchase such as Amazon, Notion Press & Flipkart

If you wish to know more about the book check here. We have experts who can help you with your digital transformation journey. In case if you have any questions feel free to connect with us on [email protected] or here 

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