Multi-Vendor Module

Transform your online print store by adding any number of vendors
to offer any number of products.

Off-shoring and offshore outsourcing, the movement of work and tasks to low-cost countries or to low cost or specialty vendors/suppliers has been increasing in scale and scope.

For example, many quick printers, copy shops and other commercial printers do not have the resources to produce books in-house. And even if capital is not an issue, book production is an involved process that not all print shops want to tackle.However, by outsourcing book projects to a trusted trade printer or vendor, these print shops are able to profit from projects they would otherwise have to decline. That’s because a book trade printer has all the resources and conveniences necessary to produce books in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

So, to make it easy for you to build your vendor network and efficiently outsource and monitor jobs, our multi-vendor module is developed to give you a centralized platform to automate the print outsourcing.

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Leverage the power to offer unlimited products by adding your vendors to your online storefront

Simplified Vendor On-boarding and Communications

You, as super administrator can create and manage as many vendors, as you need. Once a vendor is successfully added in the system, he gets access to an exclusive back-office panel. This simplifies new vendor onboarding and ongoing communications with vendors. Instead of numerous emails, files, and faxes, vendor panel centralizes all the communication and information exchange which can be easily searched or referenced whenever needed.

Automated or Manual Job Assignment

Our system allows admin to decide if he wants to automate the outsourcing of jobs to designated vendor based on product type. In that case, he can assign a designated vendor in product settings, so that if any customer orders that product, the order will be automatically forwarded to assigned vendor, which he can further process and monitor through vendor panel. However, if admin work with two or more vendors or suppliers to process orders for a particular product, he can keep job outsourcing in manual mode, so that once an order comes for that product, admin can decide whom to forward the job request using order details page.

Product, Order & Seller/Vendor Alerts/Notifications

Alerts and notifications are the soul of an e-commerce website and our system handles the product, order and vendor alerts and notifications beautifully. Almost all the notification from vendor addition to order notifications to vendorand admin is managed. Here are some examples for notifications: • Vendor addition notification • Order notification for vendor/admin • Shipping and delivery notifications for vendor/admin/customer The admin can select the email templates for various order events for both vendors and customers.

Vendor Panel – Order Management

Our multi-vendor module allows vendors to manage orders assigned to them from back-end. The vendor can manage the orders by checking ‘My Order History’ section in the vendor panel. It will display all the orders with the details and status of the order. The vendor can manage all the functions related to the order from one page only, like print workflow management, order processing until shipment and delivery.

Hot Folder or FTP Upload

Admin can configure hot folder settings for each vendor, so that once an order comes into the system, the job details (order details, print ready files, customer images etc.) are directly pushed to the vendor’s FTP site. This avoids file and information exchange via e-mails or external file transfer services like Google Drive or Drop-box, and makes it very easy and safe to outsource jobs.

Track Orders, Shipments, and Delivery

All stakeholders can search and view the status of orders, shipments, and delivery for traceability, real-time visibility, and tracking.

Flexible Commission Management

Multi-vendor module provides out of the box commission management for each vendor. Admin can set commission on global level as well as vendor/seller level. Both vendor and admin can view commission reports at any point of time and filter the performance based on any product or customer.

Track Supplier Performance

Admin and vendors have access to order reports to drive improvements in the deliverables.

Successful Implementations

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Get rid of proof reading, errors and re-printing jobs


Increase profit margins and decrease production cost

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