Sell Personalized Stuff with Prestashop Custom Product Designer

Integrate PrintCommerce with your PrestaShop website and scale your business


Enabling Product Personalization on Your PrestaShop Website

The PrintCommerce plugin by Design‘N’Buy offers a complete web-to-Print solution for selling personalized products on your PrestaShop website. This PrestaShop product configurator offers an unparalleled experience of designing, previewing and placing print orders online to your customers – a combination which is a bit difficult to find under a single roof!

In a nutshell, PrintCommerce adds the power of product personalization to your online storefront and produces output files that are ready to be printed and shipped, thus helping in significant cost reduction and cutting down the delivery time by half. If your eCommerce business is ready to expand, our PrintCommerce plugin is ideal!


Your PrestaShop Website is Key to Business Growth

Print service providers who use the PrestaShop eCommerce platform can easily scale up their business with the prestashop custom product designer tool and offer their customers the easiest way of designing, previewing and print ordering online.

You see customers appreciate a simple and efficient ordering and fulfillment process. Thankfully, the deep integration between PrintCommerce and PrestaShop will make yours keep coming back for more. Repeat customers guaranteed!


PrintCommerce and PrestaShop Benefits You and Your Customers


If you want to offer product personalization for your eCommerce business, then PrintCommerce’s design tool can come in handy. All you have to do is just integrate the product design studio into your existing PrestaShop website to help your customers generate ready-to-print artwork for personalized product orders.


Admin Panel is Just Amazing – You’ll See!

From choosing the products you want in your online store and building templates for ready-made designs to defining pricing plans and keeping a track of the orders placed by your customers – PrintCommerce offers many features in its admin panel.

New or Existing Website?

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Existing Website Setup

If you already have a PrestaShop website, we’ll integrate PrintCommerce for you that won’t even disrupt your website.

New Website Setup

If you don’t have a website yet, we’ll provide you a complete eCommerce website built over PrestaShop and integrate it with PrintCommerce so you can start selling quickly.

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