Implementing web to print is not an easy nut to crack. It’s as important as an infrastructural change and investment in your business. We understand that if you’re not getting the most from your web to print initiative, you won’t be happy, and we won’t keep you as a customer, it’s as simple as that.

Hence at Design’N’Buy, we don’t just sell you a product rather we provide you with a service, with NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS!

As soon as your account is set up and your system is ready to be accessed, we provide you a set of tools to assist you through the process, including:

An Implementation Check-list

a checklist that provides and tracks setup processes to ensure that your team is staying on track and your system is live and running as per schedule

Online Training

Online training sessions with expert to train you how to setup your system.

Live Support Centre

with in-depth user manuals for every area of your system, including feature articles, FAQs and trouble-shooters. Access detailed how-to videos and get quick help.

Online Ticketing Helpdesk

if you get stuck on a particular topic, submit your question through our Support Ticket portal. We even offer live chat support. Yes, you really can submit ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ ‘High’ and even ‘Emergency’ tickets and we’ll be there to help.

Support Packages

  Basic Standard Premium
Term Unlimited 6 months 12 months
Access to help desk system for user manuals, video tutorials, FAQs etc. Check Check Check
E-mail/Ticket Support Cross Check Check
Max. Support Tickets Per Month Cross 10 Unlimited
Real-time Support via Phone/Live Chat Cross Check Check
User Training (2 hours session) Once within Warranty Period 2 Times 4 Times
Technical Support (Code fixes and Improvements) Cross 20 Hours 50 Hours
Fee Free 600 USD 1400 USD

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