At Design’N’Buy, We Don’t Just Sell A Product, We Sell You Success!

Our job doesn’t get over after delivery and implementation of W2P software, our dedicated team of support engineers is always just an email or call away, irrespective of the time zone difference.

We are here to ensure you get to maximize your Web-To-Print store’s performance and not worry about the technical aspects of the platform. It’s as simple as that!

Our Winning Philosophy for Customer Support: Customer First

Happy and Efficient Support Team

Honest and Caring Support

Pro-Active Problem Solving Attitude

A Clean Approach and Strategy

Customer Delight

Total Transparency and owning up Mistakes

Our Support process goes through a mature cycle unless client is self sufficient to use the solution independently

How to create support ticket for DesignNBuy products
Ask the right questions and gather all the information you need from our experts by submitting a ticket at the portal. Do remember to prioritize them under “Low”, “Medium” and “High”. We also offer a live chat support; we are always at your service.
Go Live Check List
A checklist that keeps track of setup processes to ensure your storefront is live and running as per schedule, 24/7
Online Training
Whether you are tech-savvy or not, our expert trainers will make sure you get a hang of the technology fast.
User Manuals
We have created a plethora of in-depth user manuals that cover every aspect of W2P technology. These include FAQs, feature articles and how-to-videos that can be accessed anytime you like and how many times you like!
Dedicated Success Manager
We have a separate team that looks after customer queries and makes sure each ticket is closed in a short frame of time.
Webinar Learnings
You can always join our webinars on product trainings. We do them on a regular basis.

Our Paid Support Services

nlimited Typefaces

Custom Web to Print Development


Digital Marketing Services


Graphic Design & Ready Templates


Magento Development Services


M2P Native Apps


Product Population Service

Support Levels & Service Level Agreement

LevelClassificationDescriptionTypeResolution Time
L1Basic Support for general questions related to certain functions of the software. For example:
1. HOW-TO queries to learn how a specific feature works.
2. Basic level of Software Product configurations.
3. Training requirements as included in the subscription plan.
If this Basic level of support cannot immediately resolve the problem, the Support Request is escalated to Advanced Level, which requires involvement of technical support specialists.
FreeWithin 1 Business Day 98% of the time.
L2Advanced Support for Software Product functional issues. For example:
1. CSS level issues to fix user interface.
2. Spelling errors, typos and language translation issues.
3. Functional issue or missing functionality.
4. File upload, directory permission issues.
5. Missing print-ready output files.
6. Empty cart issue.
FreeWithin 1-3 Business Day 98% of the time.
L3Expert Support for helping client in configuring the Software Product features as per client specific business requirements.
For example:
1. Specific pricing support.
2. Specific output generation.
3. Specific behaviour of design studio in artwork creation and editing design templates.
4. Additional training sessions required.
Support services under this level fall under paid support services.
This level of support explicitly does not perform customization of the Software code, its functionality, or its presentation to suit specific needs of the Customer. If resolution requires code modification, the Support Request is escalated to L5 Level.
Paid on T&M BasisWithin 3-5 Business Days (based on complexity of the request) 98% of the time.
L4CriticalSupport for critical software functional issues.
1. Any defect that makes the software unusable or prevents the Software to be accessible by end buyers.
2. Serious software performance (load-time) issue.
3. Any issue that prevents end-buyers from purchasing the products from the website or prevents store admin from processing the order.
FreeWithin 1 Business Day 98% of the time.
L5CustomizationThis level of support does perform Software Product customization requested by the Customer which may involve a change in the Software Product code, its functionality and/or its presentation, and does assist with the integration of the Software with Customer’s existing database, network, or third-party products. For example:
1. Third-party extension installation.
2. Customization in user interface or user experience.
3. Third-party API integration: Payment gateway, Shipping, Image Library, Accounting etc.
4. Bespoke feature development.
Support services under this level fall under paid support services.
Some areas of customization support may or may not even be covered under paid support services. Availability of such specific services will be determined by support representatives.
Paid on T&M BasisBased on Effort and Cost Estimates

Premium Support Service

Support ServiceStandard SupportPremium Support
Support AccessHelpdesk OnlyHelpdesk + E-mail + Call weekly and Skype weekly
Direct Access to a Named Support Agent
A primary point-of-contact for technical-support issues
Access to Additional Support
Services may include consulting hours, out-of-business-hours planned support, remote assistance via TeamViewer
NoYes - 8 hours per year
Premium Support Workshops
Access to live or online workshops on digital marketing, SEO, website management, business automation, website performance optimization, security etc. by industry and subject matter experts
NoQuarterly- 4 per year
Premium Support Reports
MIS reports for analyzing the online business performance for customized orders
NoQuarterly - 4 per year
Additional Online Training
Services may include online training for your staff, new recruits etc.
NoYes - 8 hours per year
Design and Development Services

Services may include L5 tickets and L3 tickets which includes frontend, backend modification and enhancement
NoYes - 30 hours per year
FeesFREEUS$ 1490

*PayPal processing fee is additionally added in the amount

Escalation Matrix

No.DesignationE-mail IDPhone Number
1Customer Success Specialist[email protected]+1 202 697 9554
2VP-Customer Success[email protected]Global:+1-3475354445
India: +91-7224027147
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