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What is the difference in license vs. subscription delivery models?

You get exactly the same solution with all features under both, perpetual license and subscription models. However, when you purchase the software license, we deliver a perpetual licensed copy of the solution on your server with complete access and control, except the design studio source code that is encrypted. While, under subscription model, the application is hosted on our server, where you just get the back-end admin panel access to run and manage your store.

If you want to make the right choice, we can also assist you in deciding which option is the right fit for your business needs.

Once I buy the perpetual license for your solution, do you provide web hosting services where we can host our store?

Unfortunately, we do not provide web hosting services. But we would love to suggest you some trusted hosting providers (preferably cloud or dedicated) where you can get the reliable hosting services. And once you have signed-up for your server, we’ll setup, install & configure the complete application for you to go live.

However, if you do not want the hassle or lack expertise to manage your own hosting, you can opt for our SaaS based service where you just pay us the one-time setup and recurring subscription fee to run your store on our cloud server, without any extra efforts.

Can I install or integrate your design tool into my existing website myself?

Integrating our design tool with any existing website requires technical understanding of the source code and database changes, APIs needed for data exchange between two platforms etc. This process can be quite involved, so we strongly recommend that the integration be performed by our technical experts after careful analysis of your existing website, to ensure a fully integrated website delivery.

Do I get the complete source code access upon purchase of your perpetual license of your solution?

No, we do not offer the source code of our design studio components. Under perpetual licensing model, the design studio is delivered in encrypted format on your server with valid license key.

However, the rest of the eCommerce solution is open source and you can customize it further as per your needs.

How can I pay you for your products? What are different payment options available?

We accept payments via Bank Wire Transfer only.

Do I get a white labeled version of your product?

Yes. The complete website and design studio is delivered with your own brand.

Can I have a free trial of your solution?

Though we do not offer a FREE trial of our solutions, however we understand your curiosity to test it before you invest in it. Hence, we arrange for detailed personalized live demo of our solutions for you at your convenient time. You also get time-bound access to our live demo websites to test it yourself.

Will your design tool software work in integration with any other e-commerce solutions than Magento e.g. Prestashop, Open Cart, WordPress, Shopify etc.?

Yes, we can integrate our designer tool software with any standard or custom-made e-commerce solution, provided we get access to required APIs and code base.

I would like to start with your SaaS model to setup my web shop. Is it possible to later migrate my website from subscription to licensed model and get it delivered to my server, at any time in future?

Yes, you can easily migrate from subscription model to licensed model by paying the license fee mutually agreed upon at the time of migration. Your website will then be delivered with all your data and digital assets as it exists on our SaaS server.

How much time you need to configure and setup your standard solution on my server, once I place the order and pay for license?

Once the payment is received, and a compatible server is ready for setup, we can install, configure and test our standard solution on your server within 3-5 business days.

Do you offer customizations to your products?

Yes, we offer customization services at very affordable costs to customize our solutions as needed to make it perfect fit for your business.

Do you accept part payments? What is your payment policy?

For standard license purchase, we accept 100% advance payment. Yes, but if you have customizations involved in your project, we break the payment into installments. In any case, full payment has to be made before the application is transferred on your server.

What is your upgrade policy? Do I get all regular upgrades for free?

Whenever an upgrade is released, a notification is sent to all license holders. Upgrades may involve re-configuration and setup. Hence, the upgrades are generally available for a very nominal fee.

Can I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it?

Yes. We charge a nominal license transfer fee to do that.

Are your solutions compatible with mobile devices?

Yes. All our solutions are fully mobile compatible.

Is it possible to offer product personalization to only selected ranges of products on store, leaving other products for direct purchase?

Yes, you can choose to configure the personalization feature for selected range of products.