Artwork/Graphics Designer Module

Register as many designers or artists to your online print store and crowd source designs
for your customers to place their print orders with a design they love the most.

Unique designs are the heart of any successful printing business be it printing t-shirts or business cards. So, if you have good network or team of graphics artists, provide them a centralized platform to offer their unique designs or artwork on you online store. This way it creates a win win proposition for all, you get a comprehensive colletion of designs to offer to your customers without setting up an in-house graphics team, your customers get benefitted with choise of artwork at one place to order what they like and the artists, they get the commission on sale of their designs. Exciting!.

We understand the print industry, having worked with print service providers across different product lines, specializations and verticals, and our designer module has been developed with all must have features to make it easy to adopt for everyone i.e. PSPs, Graphics Designers and End Consumers.

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You Will Love this New Way of Doing Business

3 Step Simple Process for Designers

Create design, set a price to it and submit for approval. Once approved by website administrator, it shows up on website for all users to choose and order with any product they like.

Simple User Interface

Users can browse through the design catalog, choose any of the design, edit it further as per liking on a product of the choice and see the preview before ordering.

Designer Listing

List all the designers on the website and let people choose their favourite designer. On selecting a designer, the page loads the designer profile along with all his published designs for user to choose from. Allow users to submit ratings and reviews for designers and designs and showcase the trending ones on the top.

Categorical Grouping:

The designs can be well organized on the print storefront in different category groups for easy navigation and access. You can even enable search based on keyword tags to help users find design options they are looking for. .

Leverage your network of graphics artists and designers to delight your customers. Easy to Manage and Risk-Free.

Crowd Source Designs

Crowd-source designs from some of the web’s most talented independent designers. With hundreds of new designs being uploaded regularly, your customers can always find something new to choose from so many designs and products.

Manage Designer Accounts

Approve or reject designer registration requests. Standard account management features to manage all registered designers with their personal details, account details, commission and payment details etc.

Manage Designs

Approve or reject designs as per your business focus, control design lisiting and pricing.

Commission Reports / Statistics

Review reports for the earnings through designs based on designers, designs, products etc.

Quick and Effective Analysis

Reports help you to prepare effective business strategy and keep a track on your network’s sales and consumer buying behaviour. Highlight top rated designers and designs as per occasions and business plans.

Let your designers leverage your website to make money
Turn Designs into Profits. Sell Designs to the Masses.

Zero Risk, Zero Hassle

No need to have your own store. Designers can start without employing any capital in setting up a website and promoting it. They can just focus at what they are best at i.e. graphics creation and earn as those designs are sold.

Manage Designs

Allows designer to add/edit/delete designs. They can add a design by uploading it in predefined format or create one using the design studio and send it to the store admin for approval.

Account Settings

Manage your personal details, profile, account details, payment details and account password etc.

Assign Price and Category

While submitting the design, designers can Set your own commissions as well as assign it strategically in multiple design categories to make it easy for end consumers to access it.

Commission Reports/ Statistics

Gain insights for the commissions earned based on your designs, products ordered, time period etc.

Commission Redemption

Send request to admin for redemption of earnings as and when required and admin can make the payment online or offline.

Successful Implementations

Desinista logo


All-in-one Designer – HTML5

Designsta is a super duper, easy-to-use online graphic design platform for female entrepreneurs who want their business to stand out from the crowd. Designsta can be used by people of all skill levels – whether you have never attempted to design anything in your entire life or you’re a regular design dabbler it doesn’t matter.

dinofrops logo


All-in-one Designer – HTML5 Others

Founded in Dubai in 2015, DinoDrops aim is to provide people of the Middle East with beautifully designed templates for creating their own unique and truly personalised print. DinoDrops offer products of almost all categories, from the single greeting cards, card sets, party invitations, wedding stationery, calendars, wall art and posters.

fotodecora logo

Foto Decora

All-in-one Designer – HTML5

Foto Decora delivers quality personalized products, meets the customers as they would like to be served, innovate the way people decorate their home, buy gifts and express their feelings by ofeering personalized goods.

With the help of our Web-to-Print Application



Sell more, get new loyal customers


Get rid of proof reading, errors and re-printing jobs


Increase profit margins and decrease production cost

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