Reseller Program

As an individual or a company you can reach to maximum small and medium businesses and help them transform their print business competencies and customer relations by offering right tools and services. With our Reseller initiative we offer you a comprehensive package and handhold you for your first steps in this direction.

How it works

Reseller Program Benefits

Through reseller program our objective is to develop alliance and mutually beneficial relationship with our partners/resellers to provide their End Users a custom-made service in their territory, with support and maintenance projects.

To give a personalize experience to the end customers giving them friendly environment and trust for our products.

Reseller’s inputs on market specific requirements and clients feedback will help us to consistently grow our product features.

Design’n’Buy is committed to listen to its partners/resellers valued suggestions and feedbacks, deliver high quality solution and support to clients, and define lucrative reseller packages to grow together.

Our resellers manages the entire customer relationship, including pricing, support and communications. This flexibility enables our partners to cleanly package an entire customer experience together with world-class prodcts and services.

We only function and support you at the backend. Your customer will never hear from us. You are credited for offering a highly advanced and user-friendly web-to-print and design tool products. In a nutshell, we help you get your new business up and running!

Get Started

So, apply for our reseller program and start building your business today!


Fill-up our reseller form & submit your business plan.

Once qualified, enter authorized reseller agreement for a year, no minimum revenue commmitement.



Pay reseller registration fee and setup in your local language.

Start reselling and building your business.


Join Our Reseller Program and Start Growing with Us

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