Imposition Software

Our imposition feature reduces paper waste and printing cost, it orients artwork on sheet intelligently for optimum use sheet.

Why Imposition?

Imposing automates the production artwork file creation task; else your graphics designer has to do it manually. It reduces the manual intervention in print production as well as reduced chances of error.

What Design’N’Buy is Offering in Imposition?

Sheet Management

You can manage several sheet options in different dimensions (height and width).

Assigning Applicable Sheet to a Print Product

Assign a default sheet to a print product, so that when an order comes, the print-ready artwork file can be prepared based on the given sheet size.

Configure Sheet Margin

Define the bleed margin as required for printing.

Print-ready PDF with N-up Imposition, Review and Download

A print ready PDF will be generated with artwork imposition, and you can review it and process for printing.

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