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Generally speaking, workflow management provides many benefits for printers, such as improving efficiency, reducing errors, and increasing productivity. By implementing our software, you can streamline your production process and automate repetitive tasks, which can save time and reduce the risk of human error.

Additionally, you can track the progress of jobs, manage resources and inventory, and monitor costs. Through DesignO, all your stakeholders can access job information and communicate effectively, which can result in better customer satisfaction and faster job turnaround times.

Print Workflow Software Features Engineered To Wow “You”

create job statuses

Create Job Statuses

This feature allows you to create a roadmap for print jobs, from start to finish. You can create job statuses, such as artwork review, print, cutting, packaging, lamination, and delivery, using our print workflow software platform. 

From the dashboard, you can easily see which jobs are due and how many are left at which stage, and take action accordingly.

Define Workflows

A workflow represents the set of necessary steps to carry out a specific type of print job. In the print workflow software, you can establish the order of these steps by specifying the job statuses that guide the process. 

For instance, for printing a business card, you can ensure the artwork is approved first, then printing, lamination, and cutting. 

This will give you and your team a clear understanding of how each product should be processed. You can add any number of job stages to the system and add them to a workflow.

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update job statuses

Update Workflow As Per Each Order

Design workflows based on the characteristics of the print products and the necessary stages for production. 

However, you can modify them according to each customer’s order; for instance, if a customer prefers to exclude lamination or embossing, you can remove those job statuses from the workflow.

Our print workflow automation platform enables you to assign workflows to products, so whenever any order comes for it, the workflow will be automatically applied to the print job of that product. As you complete each stage, you can update the status, gaining a clear picture of the progress of your print product processing.

Job Accessibility

Our print workflow software allows you to specify the permissions for viewing and updating job statuses in user profiles. This ensures that individuals with varying roles in the production process have the appropriate level of access to a print job as it progresses through different stages. 

For example, a designer may have the ability to view and update the job status during the design phase, but may not be authorized to move the job to the printing stage. 

Meanwhile, a printer may have the authority to move a job to the printing stage but may not have the ability to edit the job details. 

By defining these user permissions, you can maintain an organized and efficient workflow while safeguarding the integrity of the print job data.

role based access

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