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Web2print Management software gives complete control of the storefront, production and personalization to printers. It comprises order management, print workflow, job management, template management and many more. It makes things easier for printers so they can focus print innovation, marketing and business expansion.

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Features of Most Complete Web2print Print Management Software for All Kind of Online Print Shops

Personalization and Production Profile

Define personalization and production profile. Assign related editable artwork categories, backgrounds, design templates, layouts and clipart categories.

For printing products, admin will be able to set no. of pages and one of the available size options for the product like

  1. Fixed Size – Set Height and Width,
  2. Multi-size – Set available sizes and related price using custom options or
  3. Custom Height/Width – Set different minimum/maximum size limit as well as prices based on different square area ranges.

For merchandize products, define number of customizable sides and if product is multicolor. Set pricing logic for the merchandize products. If it is set to “Standard”, then Magento pricing logic will be used. However, if it is set to “Printing Method”, then pricing logic for assigned printing method will be used to calculate printing price in addition to the product price. Admin upload images for each side and configure design area for each to enable artwork creation within allowed area in design studio.

personalization and production profile
personalization options

Configure Personalization Options

For each product, admin can enable one of the available personalization options like

  1. “Customize Only”,
  2. “Quick Edit Only”,
  3. “Customize with Quick Edit” or
  4. “Multiple Design Templates”.

In case of any of the first 3 options, admin can set a default design template to the product.

Manage Design Templates & Layouts

Create unique multi-page design templates using visual template builder or by importing an SVG file as per defined guidelines. While creating any design template, fully control object editing options like lock/unlock object transformation (move, resize) and editing (like changing colors).

Admin can also create one-page layouts that can be applied to users for editing to the currently active page in the design tool. Manage your design templates and layouts in different categories. Assign designs to multiple products in one go.

manage templates and layout
template creation option

Setup Smart Fields and Linked Fields

While creating any design template, admin can link any of the text or image field with pre-configured customer account fields. Thus, when a customer logs-in and personalize any such template in which smart fields are available, those fields will get auto populated as per customer account details.

Also, admin can define linked fields e.g. if URL is getting repeated on each page of a brochure template, then admin can create URL field on first page and link the URL field on rest of the pages with first page URL field. Thus, when customer inputs value in first URL field while personalizing the template, rest of the linked fields will get auto populated. Admin can create maximum such 5 text fields and 5 such image fields in one design template.

Manage Workflow

Define workflow statuses, manage different workflow groups for different products as per several steps involved in pre-press and production process, manage several workflow roles and set available permissions for each role, manage multiple workflow admin users and assign them a workflow role.

As a job can be created for each ordered item, for each job, assign workflow group, manage production status, download job sheet, download print ready files and user uploaded images etc.

Admin workflow users can send/receive messages to customers with file upload feature for any corrections in the artwork or order details etc. All order tickets are listed in a separate module for easy access.


3D Preview Configuration

Enable 3D preview for any product, upload 3D model and map image as required, setup 3D configuration surface area.

Admin Image

Let admins manage a collection of images and organize them in different albums. Admin can reuse these images like logos, patterns, and so on while designing templates

Design Studio Theme Manager

You can configure the design studio user interface colours to match your website and brand without any coding or CSS changes.

Manage Clipart & Fonts

The solution comes with an extensive pre-loaded collection of clipart and fonts. In addition, admin can manage his/her own library of stock images, clipart and fonts. Categorize clipart and fonts and tag them for quick search within design tool.

Manage Colors

If you print specific product in specific ink colors, manage your color options and group them in different color palettes based on decoration or printing methods. Assign the color palettes to element editing options or printing method based on different product types.

Manage Backgrounds

Define background color options and images with/without pricing. Manage background image gallery and upload each background in multiple size images in display and printing resolutions. Assign any background to multiple products in one go

Manage Printing Methods & Control Price

For printable merchandise, set up multiple printing methods and define printing cost based on the number of colors or artwork size, or order quantity. Also, add artwork setup fee and image upload fee, if required. You can allow customers to choose printing methods by assigning multiple printing methods to any product

Manage Design

For printable merchandise, configure multiple standard design areas for standardization e.g. A4, A5 etc. While setting up a product, a design area can be assigned to each side of the product based on surface area available for personalization on the product images.

Job Dashboard and Reports

Check a quick status of jobs on dashboard and access detailed job reports for controlling production, reducing order delays and overheads

Global Web-To-Print Settings

Configure labels and messages for all available languages, configure watermark properties, set API keys for social media integration, set name for personalize button and artwork setup charge, set help and SEO settings for design tools, hot folder settings, define acceptable size and file formats for product attachments and print-ready artwork upload, e-mail settings for order messages between workflow users and customers, job sheet and workflow settings.

Create Templates with Text and Photo Boxes​

Create templates using single line text fields or multi-line paragraphs (not available for quick-edit or VDP products). Apply image mask and/or overlay to cover non-printable areas and irregular shapes. Define photo boxes in several shapes such as      circle, oval, star, square, rectangle, heart, cloud where users can directly click and upload photos and images.

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