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Looking to consolidate all your print orders in one system and manage your print orders efficiently? With DesignO, an API-based web2print solution, you can achieve this by integrating it with your eCommerce platform. Automate your print orders and track them in real-time, ensuring you are always up to date with your customer’s orders. Moreover, every print order from all your eCommerce stores is automatically synced with DesignO’s dashboard. You can manage all your print orders from a single dashboard, no matter how many stores you have.

Features of DesignO Making Order Management Easier


Orders Management

Our order management software dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all your orders, making it easy to manage and track them seamlessly. 

It displays a range of information related to each order, including the order ID, customer ID and name, price, order status, number of items, order date, and the store from which the order was received. 

By having all of this information readily available in one place, you can quickly and easily assess the status of each order, identify any potential issues, and take appropriate action promptly.

Orders Syncing With Ecommerce Platforms

DesignO’s order management solution is designed to be smoothly integrated with various eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. 

When an order is placed on the eCommerce platform, it is automatically synced with DesignO’s platform. As the order progresses through the various stages of the fulfillment process, its status is updated on both platforms. 

This means that you can easily monitor the status of your orders from a single location without switching between multiple platforms.

multiple store management with designo

Order Dashboard

We offer many other valuable features and functionalities, including “Recent Orders” and “Recent Customers,” that display the five most recent orders and customers gained by you, respectively. 

This information helps you stay on top of your incoming orders and ensure you fulfill them properly. “Hot Selling Products”, on the other hand, highlights the top-selling products for the last 12 months, helping you identify trends in your sales data and optimizing your product offerings accordingly. 

Besides, get an order summary to monitor your order fulfillment process and ensure that orders are being processed properly.

Sales Report

This feature generates a report of the current year’s monthly sales numbers, empowering you to track your sales performance over time and identify areas for improvement promptly.

sales report in designo

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