Print Price Calculator / Print Estimation Software

Our pricing calculator or print estimation feature is most advanced and appreciated by all kind of printers i.e. commercial printers, trade printers and personalized promo suppliers and garment printers alike.

It gives different pricing controls for all sort of print and personalized products whether narrow or wide format.

Custom Options Based Print Pricing

Mostly used by commercial and wide format printers

Custom Options and Pricing

Printers can configure n-number of pricing options on a print product and define pricing variations. For example, for a business card product pricing can be defined based on quantity, paper type, single or double side printing, corner radius and finish. You get flexibility to configure multiple options and define pricing for any print product.

Dependent Options and Pricing

For wide format products such as banners where pricing depends on material as well as size, you can define dependent options e.g. available sizes based on the material chosen and then define the price.

Custom Size Pricing

Specially for wide format products like banners or wall-papers, you can allow customers to enter custom height and width and setup a square area price calculator with minimum allows height/width.

One-time Pricing Options

You can also add multiple one-time pricing options irrespective of quantity ordered e.g. a fixed artwork assistance and proofing fee or ordering sample for proof.

Fixed Quantity Price

For products that you sell on fixed quantities, e.g. business cards can be sold in fixed quantities like 100, 250, 500 etc. disable the quantity editing and setup fixed quantities with a price.

Printing Method Based Pricing

Mostly used by garment decorators and personalized merchandize suppliers

Define Printing Methods:

Configure multiple printing methods in the system and setup products with a single or multiple printing options


Control print pricing based on one of the 3 options: Based on Quantity (e.g. for Digital Printing), based on No. of Colors (e.g. for Screen Printing) or Artwork Size (e.g. for Embroidery)

Add top-up fee for image upload and one-time artwork setup fee

Define-up charge for printing name/number per item for group orders

Pricing Based on Customer Groups

Define Separate Prices for Retail Customers, Wholesale Customers or Re-sellers

Pricing based on Customer Groups

Group your customers as pe your requirements e.g. Retail Customers, Wholesale Customers or Resellers and set up promotional prices for specific customer groups

Special Pricing:

Run time-bound offers and promotions and define special pricing discounts for the offer period based on customer groups

Tier Pricing:

Tier pricing is used to offer a quantity discount. The discount can be applied to specific customer groups

Ability to define MAP

(Minimum Advertised Price) and MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)

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Do contact us for more details on our pricing engine and our web-to-print experts will help you by setting up sample products for you with your own pricing formula.

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