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Centralized Order Management for Omni-Channel Print Businesses

Print shops these days deal with all sorts of complex manual processes and chaotic workflows as they juggle orders from different channels. Streamlining this process is crucial to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Our print shop order management software empowers you to achieve just that.

Unify order management for all your channels – online print storefronts, email submissions, in-person orders, and more – within a single, print shop job management software. This centralized hub simplifies job scheduling and facilitates a seamless print journey, from initial order to final delivery. 

Order Management System that's Tailor-made For Your Business

Key Feature of Job and Order Management Software

Create Web To Print Workflows

Our order management tool empowers you to create custom workflows tailored to your specific printing needs. Define unique workflow statuses that reflect your printing process – from prepress checks to shipping.

For example, for printing a business card, you can configure the workflow by grouping various job status as

Prepress -> Press -> Finishing -> Cutting -> Packaging -> Ready for Shipping.

Secure Process with Workflow Roles

Our platform prioritizes security with role-based access control. This allows you to define user roles with specific permissions based on their workflow involvement. You can control access to order details, including artwork files and financial information, ensuring only authorized personnel can view and manage sensitive data. 

Workflow Users

Create various workflow users for different departments with access to only those jobs/orders which they need to work on and process further. Not only your production team can see the status of any job, but your sales people and even customers can track the status over the web with right information access.

Order Management

Our order management system simplifies order processing. Upon order submission (by customer or admin), unique Job IDs are automatically generated for each product within the order. These individual jobs are then tracked throughout the system, ensuring clear accountability and efficient production.

Job Scheduling and Start

When you create a job, you can specify the start and end dates. Additionally, you can download a job sheet PDF containing all the job details and print-ready artwork files.

Job Management

Jobs automatically progress through the defined workflow, ensuring only relevant department users see the job at each stage. Once a department user changes the status, it will move to the next stage of the production until the job is marked finished.

Job Tickets

Create job tickets in order to communicate with your customer related to any job e.g. for artwork approval or updated logo files etc. This avoids external e-mail communication and helps you track the full information within the system.

Job Dashboard

Our intuitive job dashboard provides a centralized hub for managing your entire print operation. Gain a comprehensive view of all active jobs, allowing you to effortlessly prioritize tasks and manage printing queues. This real-time visibility empowers you to quickly identify potential delays and take proactive measures to avoid production bottlenecks and overrun orders.

Assign Workflow to Products

Our order managmemnt software empowers you to design unique workflows for each product or assign a common workflow to multiple products with identical processing needs.

Focus on Growth, We Manage Your Print Operations

Here's What Our Satisfied Customers Have Tо Say

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We found Design 'N' Buy, a global leader in the space of web-to-print technology. We started to understand their capability & understanding of web-to-print.
Cliff R.
Cliff R.
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Design'N' Buy solves all the problems as they arise. There team is quite experience in the print fulfillment software. We are adding additional features to the existing site and they have been helpful with their development team to come up with the best solutions. I believe the best word that I can say regarding this company is "EXPERIENCE".
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We choose Design'n'Buy beacuse they have excellent technical support with our website and traffic has been generating. Also, they have supported us during the hard time of Covid19.
Alexis A.
Alexis A.
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Design'N'Buy solves that issue and will allow us to compete with the larger companies. In addition to allowing customers to preview their order, they will be able to actually make changes to the design on their own and the system will output a print file, so it makes everything SO automated, saving us time and money.

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