Centralized Job and Order Management

for Omni-Present Print Businesses

Get orders from all your channels in one system for better job scheduling, printing until delivery. This helps in reducing errors and on-time deliveries, resulting in better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

On one hand, All-in-One Web2Print provides easy ordering experience for customers, and on the other it equips production team for 10X faster delivery, error reduction, decreasing idle time of machines. This helps in increasing production efficiency, reducing print waste and increase in profitability on short-run jobs. The Job Management Module makes sure that whenever an order comes in, admin can create a separate job for managing each item in the order with a unique identity. That way you get rid of manual job creation and avoid human errors.

Job and Order Management

Create Print Workflows

Define unique workflow statuses in the system. Then create custom workflow groups for each product by grouping workflow statuses according to your printing process. For example, for printing a business card, you can configure the workflow by grouping various job status as Prepress -> Press -> Finishing -> Cutting -> Packaging -> Ready for Shipping.

Secure Process with Workflow Roles

Secure your system with role-based access by creating different workflow roles based on accessible workflow statuses. You can also control the access to artwork files and other financial information on orders for each workflow role.

Workflow Users

Create various workflow users for different departments with access to only those jobs/orders which they need to work on and process further. Not only your production team can see the status of any job, but your sales people and even customers can track the status over the web with right information access.

Order Management

Once any customer or admin team submits an order in the system, it allows them to create jobs for each product in the order with a unique Job ID to manage it throughout the system. Any order gets completed, when all jobs belonging to it gets completed.

Assign Workflow to Products

Crate unique workflow to any product and assign, or assign a workflow to multiple products that follow same processing.

Job Scheduling and Start

Once a Job is created, give it a start date and end date. Also, download the job sheet PDF with all job details and print-ready artwork files.

Job Management

Once a job starts, it will be visible to respective department users according to the print work flow defined for the product. Once a department user changes the status, it will move to the next stage of the production until the job is marked finished.

Job Tickets

Create job tickets in order to communicate with your customer related to any job e.g. for artwork approval or updated logo files etc. This avoids external e-mail communication and helps you track the full information within the system.

Job Dashboard

Job dashboard gets you a comprehensive view of all the jobs in production, helps you manage your printing queues with ease and process prints efficiently. You can also detect job delays early and avoid over-run orders.

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