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Quotation Workflow Module

Generate quotes in mere seconds!

Are you selling in bulk, or specialized product to B2B customers without publicizing prices on your website? Then, you definitely need an exceptionally convenient and time-saver way to let customers request for quote.

With our quotation module, your customers can manage and create multiple quote requests on the front-end or admin can start quotation from the backend. Customers can add various items with given options in a single quote request.

Store admin can review the quote request, offer a special price by adjusting the quote from the backend and resend for approval. Alternately admin can also convert the quote to order. The module also offers many useful features like follow-up quote email, attaching PDF proposals and much more.

Why Do You Need It?

To Increase Prints, And Not Overheads!

Dealing with prices and quantities for B2B merchants is always complicated, and the process becomes even more challenging with the online B2B store.

Therefore, with our quotation module, the whole process becomes easy and automated. This ensures that time and effort spent by your staff in administrative tasks is significantly reduced, freeing them up to work on activities that add more value.

How it works?


  • Self Service Quotation.
  • Convert to Request for Quote.
  • Your customers can create, send and manage for the quote within a few clicks.
  • Offer note/comment section so that your customer can send you all the details needed to provide them with an accurate cost estimate for their project.
  • When a client submits RFQ, both admin and your customers are notified by email.
  • The automated workflow reduces processing times.
  • From the admin panel, store owners can create approve, reject and create order right away.
  • Customers can log in to their accounts to check quote requests. At the same time, they can get an email notification for RFQ (Request for Quotation) status changes. It helps online shoppers get immediate replies from shop owners.
  • If you want to offer some special price for customers when purchasing your product, you can adjust the price for all items in a quote from the back-end. With the quote module, store admin is allowed to apply a subtotal proposal as a percentage, then the quote totals will be discounted correspondingly.

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