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Magento 1 To Magento 2 Migration Services

Get experts to upgrade your Magento-powered online printing store before M1 support ends.

As you know, in June 2020, the support for Magento 1.0 would come to an end, making eCommerce shops prone to performance-related vulnerabilities and glitches. If you are a printer, you should ensure your Magento store runs smoothly despite any technical changes.

That’s why NOW is the time to migrate! The expert team at Design’N’Buy, including solution specialists, certified developers, and consultants, can ensure the migration happens successfully. Until now, we have successfully delivered 650+ projects to eCommerce sellers, printers, and product vendors.

How We Do It

Our no-frills, only result-focused 7-step migration process won’t disappoint you.


Identifications of customizations required depending upon the client’s M1 version


Assessment and migration of the product, order and customer data


Discussion of any new functionality or UI and theme requirements


Implementation of core feature and add-on functionalities


Optimization and quality check of the website


Completion of on-page SEO formalities


Site relaunch

Our Exclusive Magento Migration Offers

We are a leading service provider of migration services because of many reasons.

Magento Certification
  • Theme Migration Made Easy

    Our trained Magento web developers will refactor and rewrite the code from scratch because M1 themes will not function on M2.

  • Extension Migration Is Hassle-Free

    During the migration, it is necessary to compare M1 and M2 tables created by extensions. If the module you require isn’t available, we will design one specifically for you.

  • Custom Code Migration Handled By Experts

    Replicating all the custom functionalities in M1 for M2 is a tedious process. One mistake can cause the wireframe to go haywire. Our expert team can perform this task error-free.

  • Data Migration Is Organized

    Transferring data from one version to another gives you a chance to de-clutter. Our team will help you identify the data sets you want to keep and remove.

  • Performance Optimization Ensured

    The whole point of switching to M2 is to ensure the store is faster and more stable. We will optimize your Magento website so that it functions hassle-free.

Ask for free audit and detail Magento migration plan

June 2020 is not far, Contact us today for free audit and detail migration plan for your Magento website

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