Premium Marketplace Web2Print is a solution for building network for which bring customers, print re-sellers, graphic designers and print-vendors, print service provider on single platform. With this premium web to print marketplace turnkey solution, it’s quick and easy to set-up and manage, an extensive marketplace for marketplace owner, which gives win-win options to end-users, re-sellers, designers and print vendors. Our marketplace solution is built on Magento community edition platform, thus, it is completely open source and scalable as per your business needs.

Who uses Premium Marketplace Web to Print Solution

It’s a centralized platform that provides benefits and features for everyone-

  • Printers – Regular flow of orders to keep their machines fully utilized.
  • Print resellers/Brokers – Trusted source of selling printing products with affordable costs.
  • Designers – Create and upload their unique designs and earn commission from their designs used via Marketplace solution.
  • End-Buyers – A centralized platform for all their printing needs with unlimited options available.

Key Features of Premium Web-to-Print Marketplace Solution

Mobile Responsive Marketplace Storefront


Create exclusive and engaging marketplace website with unique identity.

  • Storefront Layout and Theme
    • Comes with readymade responsive theme
    • Choose to personalize the storefront with a third-party readymade theme
    • Create your own store design and integrate with your storefront

  • Offers 3 major sections
    • The first is "Personalize" section where people can sign up and make their own designs to order personalize products.
    • Second is "Designs" section to offer a marketplace for people to sell their designs and earn commission.
    • Third is "Partner with Us" section that allows people to set up and run their own branded shops and earn commissions on sale of products and designs.

Fully Branded Partner / Reseller Shops


Shop owner can setup his shop, configure products and attract customers with personalized offers and designs. The main admin features available to shop owners are:

  • Manage Designs - Allows shop owner to add/edit/delete designs and assign it to any product to be available as pre-decorated artwork. These designs will be available on his personalized shop as well as he gets an option to sell these design on “Designs” section in marketplace as well. Shop owner can even configure which designs he wants to put in the Marketplace and which he would like to keep exclusively for his shop. The designs would also be available in the “Design Gallery” for other partners to sell from their shops. In anyway, shop owner earn the commission set for those products sold with his design from “Designs” section, on his shop or through partner shops.
  • Manage Products – Store owner can choose products from available products offered by marketplace owner to display on his store. The shop owner can choose the type of products depending on his taste and demand of his target customer base. Shop owner can also create a artwork on any product to create a unique pre-decorated product. Once a product has been created and he can set a commission on that product, add the product to his shop and it is ready to be sold. He will receive the commission that has been set when a customer buys that product from his shop. While the marketplace owner takes care of the order processing, production and t-shirt printing, shipping and service, shop owner can focus on branding and marketing his store to maximize his reach to his targeted customer base.
  • Commission Reports / Statistics – This section will have reports for the earnings made by shop owner based on designs, products, date range, by shops etc. filters.
  • Commission Redemption – The shop owner can send request to admin for commission payment. This may be a manual or automatic task as required. The shop owner will be able claim the money and admin can make the payment online or offline. Once the payment is done, the balance will be updated and shown in this section.
  • Account Settings – This will allow the shop owner to manage their personal details, account details, payment details and manage passwords etc.
  • Store Setup- Store owner can choose any store template from available options and set various colour options as per his choice. He can manage look and feel of his store with HTML and CSS. He can also customize the website style by adding own header and footer graphic.

Designers or Artists

  • Manage Designs – Allows designer to add/edit/delete designs. The designer will be able to add the design by uploading it in predefined format or create one using design studio and send it to the store admin for approval. While submitting the design, designer can also define the commission, assign it to available design categories and assign a default product for it.
  • Commission Reports / Statistics – This section will have reports for the earnings made by designer by sell of his designs.
  • Commission Redemption – Designer can send request to admin for redemption of his earnings. This may be a manual or automatic task as required. The designer will be able claim the money and admin can make the payment online or offline. Once the payment is done, the balance will be updated and shown in this section.
  • Account settings – This will allow the designer to manage their personal details, account details, payment details and manage passwords etc.

Online Design Studio


Very intuitive and user-friendly design studio that’s 10 times easier to use than Photoshop. Its compatible to all devices like mobiles, tables, desktops or Mac.

User friendly controls to manage object layers, cut, copy, paste, undo-redo, group-ungroup, duplicate and visual margins makes it easier for users to create stunning designs within minutes and without requiring any designing skills.

Powerful features like import images from local repository, instagram, facebook, picasa as well user image library makes artwork design a child play. Also you get alerts for image quality to ensure end results adhere to printing quality standards.

It finally generates a print ready layered vector output for further editing and production thus automating complete ordering and production process.


Centralized Administration


Easy and centralized administration of marketplace and e-commerce workflows with real-time dashboards and quick reports that helps you prepare effective business strategy and make right decisions on time.

Store admin or marketplace owner gets following features in addition to all standard Magento admin features:

  • Manage Users: Standard account management features to manage all registered users
  • Approve/disapprove and manage all designs added by designers and shop owners
  • Approve/disapprove shop registration requests
  • Approve/discard product requests by shop owners
  • Manage product catalog and free design templates
  • View commission reports/statistics by designers, designs, shops, products, days, months, years etc.
  • Approve/reject commission payment requests, manual commission redemption based on system implementation.
  • List of shops and its configurations
  • Delete shops from the list
  • Manage fonts and clipart library
  • Manage all web to print settings

Order Management and Printing


Fully scalable and customizable solution to integrate it with your existing business solutions and workflow. The possible enhancements are:

  • Download ready to print files and queue for production
  • Configure auto e-mail notification on order generation, invoicing, order completion and shipping
  • Auto generates job tickets on order processing and queue print ready files to your FTP server for production
  • Generate shipping labels and integrate with all popular shipping providers for online tracking of shipment
  • You can integrate drop-shipment Magento extension to further outsource the printing jobs to third-party vendor and track complete job status within centralized admin

For further information on this solution to explore possibilities of implementing it for your online printing business, feel free to contact us for exclusive FREE personal consultancy. We can assist you with defining your business requirements, matching it with our solutions features and outlining implementation plan.

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