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Transform the way you manage your brand, digital assets and print

Whether you’re a printer, a corporate entity, a retail establishment, or a marketing agency, seeking to streamline brand, marketing, and printing operations, our comprehensive solution is tailored for your needs.

Our B2B Web To Print Storefront Solution Offers Versatile Implementations for Various Use Cases

Private B2B Web to Print for Corporate Clients

If you are a print service provider aiming to expand your business by offering your corporate clients an online platform to manage their branding and corporate printing needs, our solution allows you to set up exclusive, private-branded storefronts for each corporate customer. This gives them the ability to browse branded products and easily place print orders.

Web to Print for Large Franchise Business

In the scenario of a large franchise network or retail chain aiming to achieve better control over brand consistency across all their locations, with our brand portal solution, each franchisee can have their dedicated web portal empowering them to customize the available B2B print templates, download artwork, and print locally or outside while maintaining brand integrity.

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Top Features in our B2B Web to Print Storefront Solution

Unlimited Private B2B Storefronts

Create and setup an array of B2B or brand stores that cater to your unique requirements. Whether you’re a printer serving numerous corporate clients or a multi-location franchise enterprise, you can establish distinct web portals for efficient artwork creation and B2B print demands.

Printing Product Catalog and Print Pricing

Assign corporate-specific products, design templates & pricing

Digital Asset Management

Manage all digital assets centrally within the system, accessible as per allowed user permissions. Create and assign essential digital assets such as fonts, colors, clipart, design templates, and logos for each brand or B2B storefront exclusively.

Web Based Template Builder

Create professionally designed, editable rule-based design templates. Lock branding elements and define editing controls for consistent artwork creation

Form-based Quick Editor

Easily modify designed templates through a user-friendly, form-based editor – an intuitive process even for non-designers and mobile phone users.

Advanced Online Design Tool

Access a comprehensive design editor that equips you with nearly everything required for online designing.

Print User Management

Empower administrators to create and manage user access to the brand portals, defining their permissions. Each portal can have an administrator, multiple locations with location heads, and an unlimited number of users. There are two user types: direct users, who can submit B2B print orders without approval, and request users, who forward order requests to location heads.

Locations & Location Head

Each brand portal can host multiple locations, with an assigned location head for each. Location heads oversee order approvals and have the authority to accept or decline order requests from their respective locations.

Flexible Payment and Shipping Methods

Settle transactions through a variety of methods including Pay on Order, Pay on Account, and Pay Later. Split order shipping to multiple addresses for added convenience.

Reports & Analytics

Get comprehensive reports to monitor and manage corporate accounts, payments and orders.

Seamless 3rd Party Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications, systems, and tools to facilitate end-to-end business automation.

Print Order Management

Streamline your order processing by centrally managing and overseeing all orders. Automate production workflow, remain up-to-date with job dashboard and use internal messaging system to avoid to-and-fro communications with your clients over e-mails and calls.

Print Product Management

Configure individual stores with self-serve personalized products for all sorts of B2B printing needs, readily available stock products, and downloadable digital assets to ensure consistency across all marketing and branding materials. Enhance the user experience by providing a personalized buying experience.

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