All-in-one Designer – B2B Corporate Storefronts Features

Our solution gives you a centralized platform to offer distinct services to your corporate customers. Whether you need private and branded storefronts for your corporate customers or niche business-to-consumer stores to drive new business, we have covered it all. Using B2B storefronts feature, you can configure individual stores based on customer groups or individual corporate identities to give personalized user experience to your customers.

There is virtually no limit to type or number of products you deliver, direct to buy (stock) products or customizable products. Along with it, as our solution is developed for international markets, our solution can adopt to desired language and currency localization.

All-in-One Designer

Features of Corporate Storefronts

  • Create unlimited branded/private storefronts for your corporate customers.
  • Completely secure and private environment for corporate users with role based access.
  • Design the storefront with unique corporate brand identity with logo, colors and banners.
  • Set payment method (credit or debit point system), check order and payment history, manage image gallery, manage job requests, verify and edit design and approve or decline it as needed.
  • Assign corporate specific products, pricing and payment options, shipping configurations as well as approval workflows.
  • Allows corporate admin to manage their design templates. Add the template by uploading it in predefined format or create one using template builder. While creating templates, easily lock branding elements like, logos, address and colors while allowing editing on other general fields. This assures that end user gets power of personalization while guaranteeing that the final artwork adheres to the corporate standards.
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3 types of users who can access the storefront


Corporate Admin

One, who can manage website, manage design templates, manages orders, approve/decline job requests, create and manage storefront users, process payments etc.


Direct Order Users

Those who can choose product template, personalize and place order directly.


Request Order Users

Those who can choose product template, personalize and send request for order approval to corporate admin.

Corporate Store Admin Features


Account Management

Manage the corporate store name, upload the logo, banners and basic description about the store. Set store theme with available color options that matches corporate brand identity. Corporate admin can see current payment history (credit/debit balances) and choose to create new payment.


Manage Job Requests

Manage all orders that are pending for approval and requested from all corporate users. It would allow the corporate admin to preview as well edit artwork if required, approve or reject the order requests and process it as per payment settings to place final order.


Manage Corporate Users

Manage/create/edit registered corporate users. The corporate admin will be able to set the corporate user accounts as enabled/disabled.


Manage Corporate Images

Manage image gallery for common images used in corporate products like logo, maps, banners etc.


Manage Fonts and Clipart

Corporate admin can manage his specific fonts and clipart.



Allows corporate admin to manage and configure all CMS pages for his corporate store.


Manage Products

View available product catalog. Corporate admin can only view assigned products but cannot add or delete any product from hi store. He needs to contact centralized super admin for any changes to product catalog.


Manage Templates

The corporate admin is allowed to create design templates from scratch and assign them to multiple products from available product catalog. Once available for a any product, the design template can be edited by corporate users for personalization and ordering.


Order History

Corporate admin will be able to see and review the orders placed by all corporate users.



Show a brief summary of orders history, order status, order tracking and quick links to create templates, create users etc.



View extensive reports and make informed decisions to control total spend on printing within organization.

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