Nidhi Agrawal On Podcasts from the Printerverse: “We Are Now Moving To Web-To-Any!”

Podcast with Deborah Corn

We spoke to Deborah Corn, the “Intergalactic Ambassador” to “The Printerverse,” last year in an exclusive interview. She discussed the upcoming trends in the print industry that printers should keep an eye on and how important it is to invest in web-to-print before it is too late.

Ms. Corn, who hosts a popular podcast called “Podcasts from the Printerverse,” recently invited our co-founder and CEO, Nidhi Agrawal, to talk about the rise of automation needs in the print industry, implementation of growth-oriented backend systems, and the future of Design’N’Buy.

It is true it takes the right skills and the right innovation to design and manage print solutions that stand the test of time.

podcast with printverse

With clients across 60+ countries, Ms. Agrawal definitely knows what it takes to cater to B2B and B2C printing businesses, print brokers, trade printers, commercial printers, and so on year on year. She is, after all, responsible for handling various aspects of the company.

That includes ensuring Design’N’Buy’s strategic goals are met. As a software engineer by qualification in a predominantly male industry, Ms. Agrawal shared her views about navigating through the societal limitations of owning her own global company.

The podcast throws a shine on various aspects of web-to-print.

Some key take aways are, 

  • The opportunities that the web-to-print solution offers are unlimited. The word “web-to-print” is limiting. Now is the time for “web-to-any.” That is what we are going to focus on this year.
  • The pandemic suddenly pushed people to look at automation and touchless/contactless workflows. Those, of course, who did not pivot did not survive. Imagine working on the same floor every day to be only thrown to work remotely and still print orders and ship them? This indeed asked for printers to change their perspective.
  • It takes a bit of learning to thrive even during the pandemic, keep the print business running, and keep the orders going. If you are not prepared for the next 3-5 years, you will never have time to grow as you would always be fighting the current crisis.
  • The features of the web to print software solution — of Design’N’Buy, to be specific — live up to the expectations! The software is plug n’ play and extensible.
  • Printers do not have to address all problems at once — staff shortage, on-time deliveries, faster artwork approval processes, and so on. Tackle one problem at a time with web-to-print.
  • Design’N’Buy’s has a stellar people-centric marketing strategy. Speaking to printers, market leaders, and influencers daily is important to keep up with the ever-evolving customer expectations.

Over to you

Without further ado, grab your favorite beverage, be ready with a notepad and pen, and listen full video. You will have much to learn.

If you wish to know more about our Web-to-Print solution you can request a free demo. 

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