Our New Book On Step-By-Step Implementation Of Web-To-Print Is Out Now!

We are excited to announce our new paperback, “Web-to-Print: A step-by-step guide for implementing web-to-print technology.”

Written by our founders Abhishek and Nidhi Agarwal and published by Notion Press, the book is a treasure trove for printers who want to drive more sales, keep their repeat customers engaged, streamline their service offerings, and ensure an optimal shopping experience with automation’s help.

The book’s idea came to our founders after they realized there was no comprehensive guide to help printing businesses fully understand the importance of web-to-print technology and how they could optimally use it.

It does not matter whether your printing company has deployed web to print or not; you will find our book extremely informative and useful. There are too many takeaways that are hard to ignore!

Our founders have covered various aspects of the technology, including its benefits on printers and their customers, and the many domains where web-to-print has proven its worth.

Divided into multiple sections, including project planning, project execution and the build phase, each part of the book is further broken down into smaller projects comprising significant tasks and issues such as team formation, vendor selection, server setup and configuration, payment gateway finalization, logistic monitoring and analysis, and digital marketing.

Then there is a Growth Phase wherein our founders share actionable hacks to grow W2P-driven printing businesses. The motive is that even if the printers are doing well and making money, there is always scope for them to scale up their eCommerce business.

Our paperback has been designed in the form of a workbook which enables readers to answer questions around their business vision and web2print technology. Printers can enumerate potential benefits and challenges of deploying the technology for their business and clients.

There are specific sections within the paperback where teams can make notes on their current processes, assess changes to be made and set guidelines for the web to print implementation and execution phases.

The thing is simply deploying the technology will not suffice for your printing company. You also have to ensure your entire team is on-board with it and discusses its planning and execution adequately. Those empty spaces and questionnaires within the book are for – to identify loopholes, set guidelines, and clarify processes.

The good news is the majority of the worksheets designed are apt for project management that help printers to finalize the team members by having discussions with each of them to see how aligned they are with the end-goal of the business.

Printers can also calculate risks which could crop up during and after the implementation of web2print technology.

While we believe in establishing a methodology, we also want intrigued printing companies to find their return on investment before they jump onto the web-to-print bandwagon. That is why our paperback also contains a manual calculator!

By answering the short questionnaire and using the formula shared in the book, you can estimate your business’ cost savings in terms of time taken to process an order, send the artwork for approval, fulfill shipment, and come up with an ROI figure.

There is also a scannable QR code of the ROI calculator in the book which allows the reader to visit the calculator page on our website if they don’t wish to carry out the calculations manually.

At Design’N’Buy, we have always believed that any successful printing company should have a strong foundation and can’t function without a long-term plan. Web-to-print technology is an accelerant, a catalyst for those businesses and can propel to greater heights than they had ever imagined!

So, what are you waiting for? We are excited for you to read our first-ever book! It is full of questionnaires, talking points and bountiful information. Grab your copy on Amazon India Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Flipkart.

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