19 Types of Packaging Boxes for Online Custom Packaging Businesses


Consumer demand is rising for online shopping. But is your print packaging business ready to adopt packaging models that are high in demand? In this article, we’ll tell you about the top 19 types of packaging boxes you can use for your online packaging business.

Technological advancements and the demand for more creative and flexible packaging lead the print packaging market. Globally, this market is expected to grow between 2021 and 2026 at a CAGR of 12%.

Top 19 Packaging Boxes for Personalized Packaging Online

Innovative packaging increases the visibility of a product drawing in customers to purchase. Thus it’s necessary to deploy new types of packaging boxes that are high in demand.

This decreases time consumption, increases turnaround, and gets the order ready by meeting the schedule. Also, you won’t need a physical inventory and can print only after you’ll receive orders.

1. Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are made from paper and are ideal for personalized packaging. They can be easily cut into custom shapes and are usually used for packing medicines, cosmetics, milk, juice, and frozen food.

Paperboard boxes are cost-efficient and can be easily recycled. Some of these boxes are even moisture resistant.

2. Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are cardboard boxes mainly for packing shoes or used as storage or pizza boxes. They come in the types of twin wall, triple wall, single-faced and double-faced.

Depending on different types, they are high-strength and durability boxes. For an innovative look, corrugated boxes can be custom designed with the help of packaging design software. They are also easily recycled.

3. Folding Boxes with Euro Slot Hangers

Folding boxes with euro slot hangers can be used for displaying lots of sale products in a compact space. The standardized EU punch hole allows the product to be hung in standard sales.

These boxes also come in a range of sizes for small electrical gadgets, cosmetics, and confectionery. They come with three kinds of base locks. Tuck-in flap for lightweight products, snap lock for medium-heavy items and crash lock for heavier products.

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4. Rigid Boxes

Packaging model

Rigid boxes are made of rigid and premium material cardboard. They are usually hand-made. However, they are the most expensive type of boxes as their shape makes them non-collapsible.

So, they have a higher shipping price also. Rigid box packaging is used for cosmetics, luxury items, technological equipment, cosmetics, and jewelry. It is easy to cut windows and hinges or emboss them to give a luxury finish.

5. Lock Bottom Folding Carton

The lock bottom folding cartons are also called bottom lock boxes. They are designed to carry heavier items such as candles and glass jars. The bottom flaps push together to lock and form a sturdy base. These boxes are also straightforward to assemble.

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6. Reverse Tuck Folding Carton

Reverse tuck folding cartons have tuck ends on different sides of each end with a friction lock and bottom closure. They are ideal for packing food items and pharmaceuticals.

These cartons can easily bear light and hefty products. They can be assembled by hand or with the help of machinery. Reverse tuck cartons can be custom designed with a high-gloss UV coating to give them a vivid look.

7. Paper Bags

paper bag

Paper bags can be easily branded with logos, graphics, and custom designs. They are eco-friendly and recyclable. These bags usually come in white and brown colors. They may feature handles or zip and can be used for grocery or food items.

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8. Straight Tuck Boxes

Straight tuck boxes are very common for packing lightweight and heavy products likewise. They can be used for packaging cream jars and perfume bottles. This type of packaging allows lots of space inside for information and branding. 

The top and bottom panels of the straight tuck box attaches to the main panel. It folds from front to back or from back to front with a slit that locks by closing each flap, securing the top and bottom of the box.

9. Cardboard Sleeve

A cardboard sleeve box has no end or tucks and the openings are present at both times. The sleeve must be big enough to slide easily over the product and small enough the secure it in the place.

This type of packaging offers a high-end luxury feel for products especially if they are embossed or embellished. A cardboard sleeve box can also hold cutouts to provide a greater impact on display products.

10. Poly Bags

A poly bag is a pouch or plastic bag made from thin plastic. These bags are flexible, lightweight, and reusable. They can be used for food products, flowers, magazines, chemicals, and waste.

Poly bags features hanging holes, handles, or tape attachments. They are non-expensive and can be recycled depending on their make. These bags can be customized in various sizes and styles.

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11. Foil-Sealed Bags

foil bag

Foil-sealed bags are used for compact products to condense them. They are ideal for tea, coffee, and delicate items such as HDDs and silicone chips. Foil bags can protect against dust and moisture.

They can be made conductive for electronic items to prevent electrostatic build-up. Moreover, these bags are suitable for storing products with less storage space.

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12. Cotton

Cotton packaging is sustainable, breathable, and eco-friendly. It is ideal for jewelry and premium products. This kind of packaging is also available in different grades, and there is no limit to its customization capabilities. It can be dyed and printed in any color and design

13. Jute

Jute is a fibrous and hard-wearing material that can make sustainable packaging. It is rustic, so it cannot be used to pack premium products. Jute packaging is ideal for floor matting, sacks, and acoustic insulation. It can also be appropriate small for gifts

14. Envelopes & Bubble Mailers

envelope packaging

Envelopes and bubble mailers are a cost-effective and convenient way to pack smaller items such as gadgets, clothing, and computer parts. They are made from paper with bubble wrap lining to provide insulation to the items inside. These envelopes come in peel and seal, card-backed, self-sealing, gummed, etc.

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15. Dunnage

Dunnage packaging is primarily used to protect cargo during shipment. The bags are made of woven inflatable material and are reusable. They are mainly used for building materials, resins, paint, electronic equipment, and resins. Dunnage packaging can easily survive moisture and sub-zero temperatures.

16. Foundation Box

Foundation boxes come in various sizes and shapes for liquid foundations. They are usually made of biodegradable cardboard to keep the foundation safe from environmental toxins. Foundation boxes can be customized with embossed logos, shiny foils. The product descriptions on the boxes is printed in an attractive way to grab customers’ attention.

17. Cosmetic Box

cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic boxes are usually created for creams, nail polishes, lipsticks, and pancake foundation. They are designed to enchant consumers in the first glance. Cosmetic boxes can be customized with UV coating, varnish, and anti-scratch lamination for a luxurious look. Some of the boxes can be cut out to display products.

18. Sanitary Pads Box

Sanitary pads boxes are made for sanitary napkins and tampons and comes in versatile design. They are made from collapsible material for easy shipping. Sanitary pad boxes are usually waterproof and are covered with laminated glossy or matte plastic.

19. Chocolate Slipcase Tuck in Flap On One Side

Chocolates needs to be covered from dust. Hence, the chocolate slipcase packaging is designed with a tuck in flap within the lid. The bottom is closed with only one opening and the flap is closed to prevent the dust from entering inside the box.

Bonus: Sealed End Folding Box

Start Receiving Online Orders for Custom Packaging Products

These types of packaging boxes are in high demand in 2024. So, if you are running a web-to-print store offering versatile and innovative packaging design is a must. So, you can attract more customers and generate revenue.

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Personalized products are in high demand. So, you can empower your customers to choose their designs by uploading or editing through the software.  If you’re interested in learning more, contact sales to request a demo.

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