“If you have not yet adopted Print Technology, rethink your position in the Print Industry”- Warren Werbitt from Canada, A Well Known Print Consultant

Interview with Warren Werbitt

Whether it was the impending digital transformation drive or the push due to the advent of the Covid-19, the print industry is adopting and thriving with the help of print technology.

Talking about print technology, the industry is disrupted by print automation software solutions and digital ecosystems that can help access useful data and information in a business.

Although traditional brick and mortar businesses across the globe are transforming to a brick and click model or online print businesses, there are many who are reluctant towards this change. For an industry that has been habituated to working with hardware solutions, many are hesitant in integrating software solutions and modern technology solutions into their businesses.

Warren Werbitt, a renowned print consultant who helps SMB print businesses in achieving success in their respective print categories with coaching, mentorship and unbiased advice, addressed this hesitance and provided his insights about the significance of technology in a detailed interview with DesignNBuy.

Talking about technology, Warren said that technology and software solutions are driving the print industry and that they have been pushed a lot after the advent of Covid-19. Technology solutions such as print automation and business process automation along with technology that can effectively manage data are disrupting the print industry.

When asked the reasons why these software solutions are integral for a print business, he said that integrating print automation in your business can reduce the touchpoints in your business process and can provide an easy, quick and efficient business functioning.

Shedding some light on this, the print industry is increasingly adapting to the web to print solutions that can help them digitize their print design, order management and customer management processes.

Apart from that, whether we talk about the print industry or any other industry of the world, data is the new oil that is fuelling the success of businesses and not only is it essential, automation and data management is what is currently driving the Industrial Revolution 3.0 as well as Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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Although the world and the print industry are moving towards digital transformation, Warren shared that many businesses are still reluctant towards this change. He said that it was okay when people were thinking about digitalization during the pre-covid period. But, the businesses that are still not adopting technology in the post-covid era, they must rethink their survival and position in the print industry.

Also, talking about integrating print automation and technology solutions into a print business, 

Warren said that a seamless and successful implementation of technology is highly dependent upon your team and resources. 

He said that it is essential that you have the team and resources that are ready for a transition from the traditional methods of a print business and can champion the software solutions in the business to make your business a success. But, if they don’t accept this change, it can make the transition problematic and can also result in a complete failure.

Talking about the problem, he said that integrating technology in your business is easy, but it is not that easy too! To know in detail what Warren said while addressing these problems, the future of the print industry and how businesses must look towards technology solutions, Watch interview recording and gain detailed insights from the print industry expert.

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