Print Businesses Who Benefit From DesignO

Who All Can Benefit From DesignO

Running a successful eCommerce business that stands the test of time is a challenge despite the favorable change in the mindset of consumers about shopping online due to the pandemic. 

Features such as fast delivery, convenient payment options, and product choice are set to drive an estimated year-over-year growth of 44.5% in the next year. No wonder we have seen more eCommerce stores, including for the Print-on-Demand market, being set up since 2020.

Because print personalization and product assortment remain essential from an online shopping perspective, it has become vital for all online businesses to constantly offer new items and onboard new global providers to meet changing customer needs.

However, selling printed products is rarely possible without deploying a robust and agile online design tool. It would help if you had something as simple as Canva and all your end customers could use it easily without worrying too much about the learning curve. That is where our API-driven online graphic design platform Designo enters the picture.

It is a plug-and-play tool that can integrate with any eCommerce platform — be it Magento, Shopify, or PrestaShop — and is easy to use. It helps solidify order and print workflow management and is apt for all B2B and B2C businesses.

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Who can use DesignO?

But who can tap fully into the potential of DesignO? Is it only restricted to specific types of eCommerce businesses? If not, then who all can deploy it for their target audience?

If you think this tool is for you, we understand your concerns. Fret not! Here is a list of everyone who loves using our online design tool:

1. Digital, commercial, and wide format printers

If you are either of them, you will be dealing with products like business cards, labels, stickers, signboards, and banners. Obviously, you need a design tool that offers your end customers a variety of print-ready custom templates to experiment with. DesignO makes that possible.

2. Packaging manufacturers

commercial printing

Make use of attractive packaging templates that will incorporate beautifully with the brands of end-users. Allow them to use their brand colors in the artwork and access shapes and vector imagery from the design studio. Please keep track of your printed packaging orders from the dashboard and ensure they are delivered on time with DesignO.

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3. Photo printers

Dealing with the business of photo albums, calendars, collages, frames, and canvasses? You will absolutely love DesignO! Using the self-service artwork designing tool, your end-customers can pick up a suitable template, populate it with photos and whatnot, and edit the information.

With a streamlined print workflow, you can ensure the order is placed swiftly and sent for printing — in a matter of minutes!

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4. Book publishers

commercial printing (1)

In the business of publishing the written word? How nice! Give your end customers (or writers) every opportunity to design their book however they like. Make cover page designing hassle-free with various template options. Make their dreams come true!

5. Garment, apparel, and accessory decorators

Want to sell better custom t-shirts, uniforms, apparel, or shoes? Use DesignO, which comes with built-in order and print workflow management. Let your target audience access a feature-rich design studio that comes loaded with thousands of stock images and clip art.

Give print-ready output with CMYK and spot color support and help them design and place an order from any device – be it desktop or mobile.

6. Promotional product suppliers and corporate printers

Suppose you are in the business of supplying promotional products. In that case, you have to be able to offer top-notch printing services for a number of products such as brochures, product catalogs, mobile covers, and greeting cards — you name it! With DesignO’s reusable personalization and production profiles, you can set up templates hassle-free.

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7. Customer merchandise vendors and trade printers

As a merchandising vendor, you may have a clear direction about the type of products you want to manage. Depending upon what you want to do — whether you support local fairs and community event managers or deliver custom merchandise in bulk, having an online design tool like DesignO can help you handle orders on time.

8. Marketing agencies, graphic designers, and brand managers

Marketing and design are synonymous with each other. With a graphic design tool, the teams in this function can create and store templates for different materials — brochures, signage, or banners.

They can decide the brand colors and stick to them. The end-user can also give role-based access to all team members to maintain asset security with DesignO.

9. Real estate agencies

real estate design software

Whether you have a single real estate agency or run multiple properties, you want to market them quickly and conveniently. Pick nifty templates for brochures and flyers and customize them for your agents, investors, and brokers using DesignO.

There is no need to hire an in-house graphic designer or place an order with a traditional printer to complete a print job.

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10. Educational institutions and universities

Running such an establishment is always a huge responsibility. After all, education is not to be taken lightly. Just like real estate agencies, you would need to print posters, brochures, flyers, curriculum, diaries, and whatnot! DesignO simplifies the print process for you and makes you self-reliant with its exquisite template library, feature-rich design studio, and seamless delivery.

11. Franchisors and franchisees

DesignO empowers franchisors and franchisees to personalize and order their marketing collateral on a single online portal. Maintaining consistency in the quality of services is not enough for a franchisee to thrive. They also need to ensure brand consistency.

All franchisees need to follow pre-established brand guidelines and personalize as per their local requirements. That is where DesignO can be an ideal option. Customizing and printing mugs, t-shirts, pens, signage, posters, and so on is super easy on the tool!

Over to you

If you are smart enough to use the right tools for your online business, you will be successful. If you belong to any of the 13 groups we studied in this article, then do give DesignO a fair chance. It can streamline your print operations and help you drive higher revenue streams.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a free consultation call with us to understand how the tool works, how you can integrate it, and what wonders it brings to the table. Speak to you soon!